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1.  Conductance-based model of rodent thoracic sympathetic postganglionic neuron (McKinnon et al 2019)
"Thoracic sympathetic postganglionic neurons (tSPNs) represent the final neural output for control of vasomotor and thermoregulatory function. We used whole-cell recordings and computational modeling to provide broad insight on intrinsic cellular mechanisms controlling excitability and capacity for synaptic integration. Compared to past intracellular recordings using microelectrode impalement, we observed dramatically higher membrane resistivity with primacy in controlling enhanced tSPN excitability and recruitment via synaptic integration. Compared to reported phasic firing, all tSPNs fire repetitively and linearly encode injected current magnitude to firing frequency over a broad range. Modeling studies suggest microelectrode impalement injury accounts for differences in tSPN properties previously observed. Overall, intrinsic tSPN excitability plays a much greater role in the integration and maintenance of sympathetic output than previously thought."
2.  Drosophila 3rd instar larval aCC motoneuron (Gunay et al. 2015)
Single compartmental, ball-and-stick models implemented in XPP and full morphological model in Neuron. Paper has been submitted and correlates anatomical properties with electrophysiological recordings from these hard-to-access neurons. For instance we make predictions about location of the spike initiation zone, channel distributions, and synaptic input parameters.
3.  Lobster STG pyloric network model with calcium sensor (Gunay & Prinz 2010) (Prinz et al. 2004)
This pyloric network model simulator is a C/C++ program that saves 384 different calcium sensor values that are candidates for activity sensors (Gunay and Prinz, 2010). The simulator was used to scan all of the 20 million pyloric network models that were previously collected in a database (Prinz et al, 2004).

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