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(EDLUT (Event-Driven simulator based on Look-Up-Tables) The EDLUT (Event-Driven simulator based on Look-Up-Tables) is an advanced tool that allows the simulation of biologically plausible spiking cell models by using two different strategies: time-driven and event-driven based on look-up tables. In this way, EDLUT can highly speed up the simulation process by avoiding the resolution of the differential equations which usually regulate the evolution of the biological system state. )
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1.  Adaptive robotic control driven by a versatile spiking cerebellar network (Casellato et al. 2014)
2.  Distributed synaptic plasticity and spike timing (Garrido et al. 2013)
3.  Spike burst-pause dynamics of Purkinje cells regulate sensorimotor adaptation (Luque et al 2019)

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