Models that contain the Implementer : Migliore, Rosanna [rosanna.migliore at]

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1.  Age-dependent excitability of CA1 pyramidal neurons in APPPS1 Alzheimer's model (Vitale et al 2021)
2.  Channel density variability among CA1 neurons (Migliore et al. 2018)
3.  Circadian rhythmicity shapes astrocyte morphology and neuronal function in CA1 (McCauley et al 2020)
4.  Effect of the initial synaptic state on the probability to induce LTP and LTD (Migliore et al. 2015)
5.  Effects of electric fields on cognitive functions (Migliore et al 2016)
6.  Membrane electrical properties of mouse CA1 pyramidal cells during strong inputs (Bianchi et al 22)

Re-display model names with descriptions