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("ReMoto is a web-based neuronal simulation system, intended for studying spinal cord neuronal networks responsible for muscle control. These networks are affected by descending drive, afferent drive, and electrical nerve stimulation. The simulator may be used to investigate phenomena at several levels of organization, e.g., at the neuronal membrane level or at the whole muscle behavior level (e.g., muscle force generation). ..." <p/> alternate website
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1.  Large-scale neuromusculoskeletal model of human upright standing (Elias et al 2014)
" ... This paper studies neuromuscular mechanisms behind upright stance control by means of a biologically based large-scale neuromusculoskeletal (NMS) model. It encompasses: i) conductance-based spinal neuron models (motor neurons and interneurons); ii) muscle proprioceptor models (spindle and Golgi tendon organ) providing sensory afferent feedback; iii) Hill-type muscle models of the leg plantar and dorsiflexors; and iv) an inverted pendulum model for the body biomechanics during upright stance. The motor neuron pools are driven by stochastic spike trains. Simulation results showed that the neuromechanical outputs generated by the NMS model resemble experimental data from subjects standing on a stable surface. ..."

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