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(Neuronvisio is a Graphical User Interface for NEURON simulator environment with 3D capabilities. Neuronvisio makes easy to select and investigate sections properties and it offers easy integration with matplotlib for plotting the results.)
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1.  Neuronvisio: a gui with 3D capabilities for NEURON (Mattioni et al. 2012)
"The NEURON simulation environment is a commonly used tool to perform electrical simulation of neurons and neuronal networks. The NEURON User Interface, based on the now discontinued InterViews library, provides some limited facilities to explore models and to plot their simulation results. Other limitations include the inability to generate a three-dimensional visualization, no standard mean to save the results of simulations, or to store the model geometry within the results. Neuronvisio ( aims to address these deficiencies through a set of well designed python APIs and provides an improved UI, allowing users to explore and interact with the model. ..."

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