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Models that contain the Model Type : Predictive Coding Network

(From Whittington and Bogacz 2017 "The predictive coding framework describes a network architecture in which such learning has a particularly simple neural implementation. The distinguishing feature of the predictive coding models is that they include additional nodes encoding the difference between the activity on a given level and that predicted by the higher level, and that these prediction errors are propagated through the network (Rao and Ballard, 1999; Friston, 2005)...")
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1.  Coding explains development of binocular vision and its failure in Amblyopia (Eckmann et al 2020)
2.  Fitting predictive coding to the neurophysiological data (Spratling 2019)
3.  Hippocampal CA1 pyramidal cell demonstrating dynamic mode switching (Berteau & Bullock 2020)
4.  Supervised learning with predictive coding (Whittington & Bogacz 2017)

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