Models that contain the Cell : Neocortex layer 5 pyramidal cell

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1.  AIS model of L5 cortical pyramidal neuron (Filipis et al., 2023)
2.  Human Cortical L5 Pyramidal Cell (Rich et al. 2021)
3.  Human L5 Cortical Circuit (Guet-McCreight)
4.  Hyperexcitability from Nav1.2 channel loss in neocortical pyramidal cells (Spratt et al 2021)
5.  NeuroGPU example on L5_TTPC1_cADpyr232_1 (Ben-Shalom 2022)(Ramaswamy et al., 2015)
6.  Simulations of modulation of HCN channels in L5PCs (Mäki-Marttunen and Mäki-Marttunen, 2022)
7.  Thalamo-cortical microcircuit (TCM) (AmirAli Farokhniaee and Madeleine M. Lowery 2021)

Re-display model names with descriptions