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1.  Activity dependent conductances in a neuron model (Liu et al. 1998)
2.  Amyloid beta (IA block) effects on a model CA1 pyramidal cell (Morse et al. 2010)
3.  Axonal spheroids and conduction defects in Alzheimer’s disease (Yuan, Zhang, Tong, et al 2022)
4.  Compartmentalization of GABAergic inhibition by dendritic spines (Chiu et al. 2013)
5.  Dendro-dendritic synaptic circuit (Shepherd Brayton 1979)
6.  Medial vestibular neuron models (Quadroni and Knopfel 1994)
7.  Membrane potential changes in dendritic spines during APs and synaptic input (Palmer & Stuart 2009)
8.  Mitral cell activity gating by respiration and inhibition in an olfactory bulb NN (Short et al 2016)
9.  Models of Na channels from a paper on the PKC control of I Na,P (Baker 2005)
10.  Principles governing the operation of synaptic inhibition in dendrites (Gidon & Segev 2012)
11.  T-type Ca current in thalamic neurons (Wang et al 1991)
12.  TTX-R Na+ current effect on cell response (Herzog et al 2001)

Re-display model names with descriptions