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1.  A comparative computer simulation of dendritic morphology (Donohue and Ascoli 2008)
2.  A Method for Prediction of Receptor Activation in the Simulation of Synapses (Montes et al. 2013)
3.  Alternative time representation in dopamine models (Rivest et al. 2009)
4.  C elegans pharynx simulation (Avery and Shtonda 2003)
5.  CA1 pyramidal cell receptor dependent cAMP dynamics (Chay et al. 2016)
6.  Compartmental models of growing neurites (Graham and van Ooyen 2004)
7.  Kv4.3, Kv1.4 encoded K channel in heart cells & tachy. (Winslow et al 1999, Greenstein et al 2000)
8.  Morphological determinants of dendritic arborization neurons in Drosophila larva (Nanda et al 2018)
9.  Roles of essential kinases in induction of late hippocampal LTP (Smolen et al., 2006)

Re-display model names with descriptions