Systems-level modeling of neuronal circuits for leech swimming (Zheng et al. 2007)

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"This paper describes a mathematical model of the neuronal central pattern generator (CPG) that controls the rhythmic body motion of the swimming leech. The systems approach is employed to capture the neuronal dynamics essential for generating coordinated oscillations of cell membrane potentials by a simple CPG architecture with a minimal number of parameters. ... parameter estimation leads to predictions regarding the synaptic coupling strength and intrinsic period gradient along the nerve cord, the latter of which agrees qualitatively with experimental observations."
1 . Zheng M, Friesen WO, Iwasaki T (2007) Systems-level modeling of neuronal circuits for leech swimming. J Comput Neurosci 22:21-38 [PubMed]
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Model Type:
Brain Region(s)/Organism: Leech;
Cell Type(s):
Gap Junctions:
Simulation Environment: MATLAB;
Model Concept(s): Temporal Pattern Generation; Oscillations; Simplified Models;
Model {
  Name			  "CPGmodel"
  Version		  5.0
  SaveDefaultBlockParams  on
  SampleTimeColors	  off
  LibraryLinkDisplay	  "none"
  WideLines		  off
  ShowLineDimensions	  off
  ShowPortDataTypes	  off
  ShowLoopsOnError	  on
  IgnoreBidirectionalLines off
  ShowStorageClass	  off
  ExecutionOrder	  off
  RecordCoverage	  off
  CovPath		  "/"
  CovSaveName		  "covdata"
  CovMetricSettings	  "dw"
  CovNameIncrementing	  off
  CovHtmlReporting	  on
  covSaveCumulativeToWorkspaceVar on
  CovSaveSingleToWorkspaceVar on
  CovCumulativeVarName	  "covCumulativeData"
  CovCumulativeReport	  off
  DataTypeOverride	  "UseLocalSettings"
  MinMaxOverflowLogging	  "UseLocalSettings"
  MinMaxOverflowArchiveMode "Overwrite"
  BlockNameDataTip	  off
  BlockParametersDataTip  off
  BlockDescriptionStringDataTip	off
  ToolBar		  on
  StatusBar		  on
  BrowserShowLibraryLinks off
  BrowserLookUnderMasks	  off
  Created		  "Tue Apr 20 11:36:59 2004"
  UpdateHistory		  "UpdateHistoryNever"
  ModifiedByFormat	  "%<Auto>"
  LastModifiedBy	  "Owner"
  ModifiedDateFormat	  "%<Auto>"
  LastModifiedDate	  "Sun May 18 15:31:09 2008"
  ModelVersionFormat	  "1.%<AutoIncrement:108>"
  ConfigurationManager	  "None"
  SimParamPage		  "Solver"
  LinearizationMsg	  "none"
  Profile		  off
  ParamWorkspaceSource	  "MATLABWorkspace"
  AccelSystemTargetFile	  "accel.tlc"
  AccelTemplateMakefile	  "accel_default_tmf"
  AccelMakeCommand	  "make_rtw"
  TryForcingSFcnDF	  off
  ExtModeMexFile	  "ext_comm"
  ExtModeBatchMode	  off
  ExtModeTrigType	  "manual"
  ExtModeTrigMode	  "normal"
  ExtModeTrigPort	  "1"
  ExtModeTrigElement	  "any"
  ExtModeTrigDuration	  1000
  ExtModeTrigHoldOff	  0
  ExtModeTrigDelay	  0
  ExtModeTrigDirection	  "rising"
  ExtModeTrigLevel	  0
  ExtModeArchiveMode	  "off"
  ExtModeAutoIncOneShot	  off
  ExtModeIncDirWhenArm	  off
  ExtModeAddSuffixToVar	  off
  ExtModeWriteAllDataToWs off
  ExtModeArmWhenConnect	  on
  ExtModeSkipDownloadWhenConnect off
  ExtModeLogAll		  on
  ExtModeAutoUpdateStatusClock on
  BufferReuse		  on
  RTWExpressionDepthLimit 5
  SimulationMode	  "normal"
  Solver		  "ode45"
  SolverMode		  "Auto"
  StartTime		  "0"
  StopTime		  "tmax"
  MaxOrder		  5
  MaxStep		  "auto"
  MinStep		  "auto"
  MaxNumMinSteps	  "-1"
  InitialStep		  "1e-1"
  FixedStep		  "auto"
  RelTol		  "auto"
  AbsTol		  "auto"
  OutputOption		  "RefineOutputTimes"
  OutputTimes		  "[]"
  Refine		  "9"
  LoadExternalInput	  off
  ExternalInput		  "[t, u]"
  LoadInitialState	  off
  InitialState		  "xInitial"
  SaveTime		  on
  TimeSaveName		  "tout"
  SaveState		  off
  StateSaveName		  "xout"
  SaveOutput		  on
  OutputSaveName	  "yout"
  SaveFinalState	  off
  FinalStateName	  "xFinal"
  SaveFormat		  "Array"
  Decimation		  "1"
  LimitDataPoints	  off
  MaxDataPoints		  "1000"
  SignalLoggingName	  "sigsOut"
  ConsistencyChecking	  "none"
  ArrayBoundsChecking	  "none"
  AlgebraicLoopMsg	  "warning"
  BlockPriorityViolationMsg "warning"
  MinStepSizeMsg	  "warning"
  InheritedTsInSrcMsg	  "warning"
  DiscreteInheritContinuousMsg "warning"
  MultiTaskRateTransMsg	  "error"
  SingleTaskRateTransMsg  "none"
  CheckForMatrixSingularity "none"
  IntegerOverflowMsg	  "warning"
  Int32ToFloatConvMsg	  "warning"
  ParameterDowncastMsg	  "error"
  ParameterOverflowMsg	  "error"
  ParameterPrecisionLossMsg "warning"
  UnderSpecifiedDataTypeMsg "none"
  UnnecessaryDatatypeConvMsg "none"
  VectorMatrixConversionMsg "none"
  InvalidFcnCallConnMsg	  "error"
  SignalLabelMismatchMsg  "none"
  UnconnectedInputMsg	  "warning"
  UnconnectedOutputMsg	  "warning"
  UnconnectedLineMsg	  "warning"
  SfunCompatibilityCheckMsg "none"
  RTWInlineParameters	  off
  BlockReductionOpt	  on
  BooleanDataType	  on
  ConditionallyExecuteInputs on
  ParameterPooling	  on
  OptimizeBlockIOStorage  on
  ZeroCross		  on
  AssertionControl	  "UseLocalSettings"
  ProdHWDeviceType	  "Microprocessor"
  ProdHWWordLengths	  "8,16,32,32"
  RTWSystemTargetFile	  "grt.tlc"
  RTWTemplateMakefile	  "grt_default_tmf"
  RTWMakeCommand	  "make_rtw"
  RTWGenerateCodeOnly	  off
  RTWRetainRTWFile	  off
  TLCProfiler		  off
  TLCDebug		  off
  TLCCoverage		  off
  TLCAssertion		  off
  RTWOptions		  "-aEnforceIntegerDowncast=1 -aExtMode=0 -aExtModeTes"
"ting=0 -aFoldNonRolledExpr=1 -aForceParamTrailComments=0 -aGenerateComments=1"
" -aGenerateReport=0 -aIgnoreCustomStorageClasses=1 -aIncDataTypeInIds=0 -aInc"
"HierarchyInIds=0 -aInlineInvariantSignals=0 -aInlinedPrmAccess=\"Literals\" -"
"aLocalBlockOutputs=1 -aLogVarNameModifier=\"rt_\" -aMaxRTWIdLen=31 -aPrefixMo"
"delToSubsysFcnNames=1 -aRTWVerbose=1 -aRollThreshold=5 -aShowEliminatedStatem"
  BlockDefaults {
    Orientation		    "right"
    ForegroundColor	    "black"
    BackgroundColor	    "white"
    DropShadow		    off
    NamePlacement	    "normal"
    FontName		    "Helvetica"
    FontSize		    10
    FontWeight		    "normal"
    FontAngle		    "normal"
    ShowName		    on
  BlockParameterDefaults {
    Block {
      BlockType		      Constant
      Value		      "1"
      VectorParams1D	      on
      ShowAdditionalParam     off
      OutDataTypeMode	      "Inherit from 'Constant value'"
      OutDataType	      "sfix(16)"
      ConRadixGroup	      "Use specified scaling"
      OutScaling	      "2^0"
    Block {
      BlockType		      Scope
      Floating		      off
      ModelBased	      off
      TickLabels	      "OneTimeTick"
      ZoomMode		      "on"
      Grid		      "on"
      TimeRange		      "auto"
      YMin		      "-5"
      YMax		      "5"
      SaveToWorkspace	      off
      SaveName		      "ScopeData"
      LimitDataPoints	      on
      MaxDataPoints	      "5000"
      Decimation	      "1"
      SampleInput	      off
      SampleTime	      "0"
    Block {
      BlockType		      "S-Function"
      FunctionName	      "system"
      PortCounts	      "[]"
      SFunctionModules	      "''"
    Block {
      BlockType		      ToWorkspace
      VariableName	      "simulink_output"
      MaxDataPoints	      "1000"
      Decimation	      "1"
      SampleTime	      "0"
  AnnotationDefaults {
    HorizontalAlignment	    "center"
    VerticalAlignment	    "middle"
    ForegroundColor	    "black"
    BackgroundColor	    "white"
    DropShadow		    off
    FontName		    "Helvetica"
    FontSize		    10
    FontWeight		    "normal"
    FontAngle		    "normal"
  LineDefaults {
    FontName		    "Helvetica"
    FontSize		    9
    FontWeight		    "normal"
    FontAngle		    "normal"
  System {
    Name		    "CPGmodel"
    Location		    [364, 316, 1103, 604]
    Open		    on
    ModelBrowserVisibility  off
    ModelBrowserWidth	    200
    ScreenColor		    "white"
    PaperOrientation	    "landscape"
    PaperPositionMode	    "auto"
    PaperType		    "usletter"
    PaperUnits		    "inches"
    ZoomFactor		    "100"
    ReportName		    "simulink-default.rpt"
    Block {
      BlockType		      Constant
      Name		      "Constant"
      Position		      [295, 195, 325, 225]
      Value		      "rr"
    Block {
      BlockType		      "S-Function"
      Name		      "S-Function1"
      Ports		      [1, 1]
      Position		      [355, 195, 415, 225]
      BackgroundColor	      "magenta"
      FunctionName	      "RCIs"
      Parameters	      "nn, pl, td, delta, eta, mu, t0, ee"
      Port {
	PortNumber		1
	Name			"v"
	TestPoint		off
	LinearAnalysisOutput	off
	LinearAnalysisInput	off
	RTWStorageClass		"Auto"
	DataLogging		off
	DataLoggingNameMode	"SignalName"
	DataLoggingDecimateData	off
	DataLoggingDecimation	"2"
	DataLoggingLimitDataPoints off
	DataLoggingMaxPoints	"5000"
    Block {
      BlockType		      Scope
      Name		      "Scope18"
      Ports		      [1]
      Position		      [560, 104, 590, 136]
      Location		      [23, 547, 540, 958]
      Open		      on
      NumInputPorts	      "1"
      ZoomMode		      "xonly"
      List {
	ListType		AxesTitles
	axes1			"%<SignalLabel>"
      List {
	ListType		SelectedSignals
	axes1			""
      YMin		      "-25"
      YMax		      "12.5"
      SaveName		      "ScopeData7"
      DataFormat	      "StructureWithTime"
      LimitDataPoints	      off
    Block {
      BlockType		      ToWorkspace
      Name		      "To Workspace"
      Position		      [560, 195, 620, 225]
      VariableName	      "outcpg"
      MaxDataPoints	      "inf"
      SampleTime	      "-1"
      SaveFormat	      "Array"
    Line {
      Name		      "v"
      Labels		      [0, 0]
      SrcBlock		      "S-Function1"
      SrcPort		      1
      Points		      [105, 0]
      Branch {
	DstBlock		"To Workspace"
	DstPort			1
      Branch {
	Points			[0, -90]
	DstBlock		"Scope18"
	DstPort			1
    Line {
      SrcBlock		      "Constant"
      SrcPort		      1
      DstBlock		      "S-Function1"
      DstPort		      1

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