Controlling KCa channels with different Ca2+ buffering models in Purkinje cell (Anwar et al. 2012)

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In this work, we compare the dynamics of different buffering models during generation of a dendritic Ca2+ spike in a single compartment model of a Purkinje cell dendrite. The Ca2+ buffering models used are 1) a single Ca2+ pool, 2) two Ca2+ pools respectively for the fast and slow transients, 3) a detailed calcium model with buffers, pump (Schmidt et al., 2003), and diffusion and 4) a calcium model with buffers, pump and diffusion compensation. The parameters of single pool and double pool are tuned, using Neurofitter (Van Geit et al., 2007), to approximate the behavior of detailed calcium dynamics over range of 0.5 µM to 8 µM of intracellular calcium. The diffusion compensation is modeled using a buffer-like mechanism called DCM. To use DCM robustly for different diameter compartments, its parameters are estimated, using Neurofitter (Van Geit et al., 2007), as a function of compartment diameter (0.8 µm-20 µm).
1 . Anwar H, Hong S, De Schutter E (2012) Controlling Ca2+-activated K+ channels with models of Ca2+ buffering in Purkinje cells. Cerebellum 11:681-93 [PubMed]
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Model Type: Dendrite;
Brain Region(s)/Organism:
Cell Type(s): Cerebellum Purkinje GABA cell;
Channel(s): I K,Ca; I Calcium;
Gap Junctions:
Simulation Environment: NEURON;
Model Concept(s): Calcium dynamics;
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create dend

dend {
  nseg = 1
  L = 20
  diam = 4

dend {
  insert leak

  insert cdp5

for(x,0) {
        insert cdp5
        Nannuli_cdp5(x) = 0.326 + (1.94 * diam(x)) + (0.289*diam(x)*diam(x)) - ((3.33e-2)*diam(x)*diam(x)*diam(x)) + ((1.55e-3)*diam(x)*diam(x)*diam(x)*diam(x)) - (2.55e-5*diam(x)*diam(x)*diam(x)*diam(x)*diam(x))
        Buffnull2_cdp5(x) = 64.2 - 57.3*exp(-diam(x)/1.4)
        rf3_cdp5(x) = 0.162 - 0.106*exp(-diam(x)/2.29)
        if (diam(x)>=2) {
                rf4_cdp5(x) = 0.000267 + 0.0167*exp(-diam(x)/0.722) + 0.0028*exp(-diam(x)/4)
        } else {
                rf4_cdp5(x) = 0.003

  insert newCaP
  insert mslo
  insert CaT3_1
  insert SK2
 gbar_leak = 1e-6
  e_leak = -61
  cm = 1.5
  Ra = 250

  gbar_mslo = 7.01e-2
  pcabar_newCaP = 2.2e-4
  gkbar_SK2 = 3.02e-4
  pcabar_CaT3_1 = 8.2e-6

  vshift_newCaP = 4.7


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