NEURON interfaces to MySQL and the SPUD feature extraction algorithm (Neymotin et al. 2008)

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See the readme.txt for information on setting up this interface to a MySQL server from the NEURON simulator. Note the SPUD feature extraction algorithm includes its own readme in the spud directory.
1 . Neymotin S, Uhlrich DJ, Manning KA, Lytton WW (2008) Data mining of time-domain features from neural extracellular field data Applic. of Comput. Intel. in Bioinf. and Biomed.: Current Trends and Open Problems 151:119-140
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Brain Region(s)/Organism:
Cell Type(s):
Gap Junctions:
Simulation Environment: NEURON;
Model Concept(s): Methods;
Implementer(s): Lytton, William [billl at]; Neymotin, Sam [samn at];
Files displayed below are from the implementation
// $Id: mysql_utils.hoc,v 1.11 2007/04/25 16:41:16 billl Exp $ 

objref g_sql_ref //global objref for sql funcs
g_sql_ref=new List()

//creates a table in db currently connected to
//$s1 = table name
//$o2 = list of column names (as String objects or strdefs)
//$3 = whether to create index for each col
func CreateTable () { local idx,createidx localobj mys1,mytab,lcols

  mys1 = new String()  //sql command string
  mytab = new String() //table name

    mytab = $o1
  } else if(argtype(1)==2){
    mytab = new String()
    mytab.s = $s1
  } else {
    printf("CreateTable ERR0: first arg must be string!\n")
    return 0

  if(numarg()>2) createidx = $3 else createidx = 1

  sprint(mys1.s,"create table %s (",mytab.s)

  lcols = $o2

  //build table create string
    strcat(mys1," double")
    if(idx < lcols.count - 1){
    } else {

  if(mydbg) printf("cmd=%s\n",mys1.s)

  //do actual mysql call to create table
  if(Query_mysql(mys1.s) == -1 ){
    printf("CreateTable ERRB: couldn't create table %s\n",$s1)
    return 0

  //create indices
      sprint(mys1.s,"create index i%d on %s(%s);",idx,mytab.s,lcols.o(idx).s)
      if(mydbg) printf("idx cmd = %s\n",mys1.s)
      if(Query_mysql(mys1.s) == -1 ){
        printf("CreateTable Warning: Couldn't create index for col %s\n",lcols.o(idx))
      } else {
        if(mydbg) printf("Created MySQL index for col %s\n",lcols.o(idx).s)

  return 1

// SelectedColNames() -- overwrites tstr
// returns List containing column names from last Select call
obfunc SelectedColNames(){ local icols,ii localobj ls,xo,yo,str2

  g_sql_ref=new List() //global list
  ls=new List()        //non-global list

  //# cols from last select
  icols = NumCols_mysql()

  //loop allocates space for strings passed to GetColNames_mysql
  for ii=0,icols-1 g_sql_ref.append(new String("                              "))
  str2=new String()
  for ii=0,icols-1{
  chop(tstr) //get rid of last ','


  //copy sqll into non-global list
  for ii=0,g_sql_ref.count-1{
    str2=new String()

  //return non-global list
  return ls

//converts the results of a sql select
//into an nqs db & returns it
//$s1 = sql query
obfunc sql2nqs () { local nrows,ncols,idx localobj nq,ls,xo
  if(Select_mysql($s1)==-1.0){printf("sql2nqs ERRA: Couldn't perform select") return nil}
  ls = SelectedColNames()
  nq = new NQS()
  for ltr(xo,ls) nq.resize(xo.s)
  nrows = NumRows_mysql()  ncols = ls.count
    printf("sql2nqs ERRB: couldn't retrieve rows from sql select\n") return nil }
  return nq

//converts nqs database to sql format automatically creates indices
//$o1 = nqs
//$s2 = name of table in mysql db
//$3 = whether to create column nqs_row_id storing orig nqs row index
//$4 = whether to create mysql index on each col
// NB: table must not have 'index' as a col name: mysql reserved word
func nqs2sql () { local idx,ncols,nrows,makeidcol,makeidx localobj lcolnames,nq
  nq = $o1
  ncols=nq.m  nrows=nq.size(1)
  if(numarg()>=3) makeidcol = $3 else makeidcol = 0
  if(numarg()>=4) makeidx = $4 else makeidx = 1
  lcolnames = new List()
  for idx=0,ncols-1 lcolnames.append(nq.s[idx])
  if (makeidcol) { 
    nq.vl.append(nq.ind) vrsz(nrows,nq.ind) nq.ind.indgen(1) 
    lcolnames.append(new String("nqs_row_id"))
  if(!CreateTable($s2,lcolnames,makeidx)) {
    printf("nqs2sql ERRA: couldn't create table %s\n",$s2) return 0 }
  if(!Insert_mysql($s2,nq.vl)) {
    printf("nqs2sql ERRB: couldn't insert nqs data into table %s\n",$s2) return  0 }
  return 1

func nqs2sql2 () { local idx,ncols,nrows,makeidcol,makeidx localobj lcolnames,nq
  nq = $o1 
  tabform="\t" dblform="%f","NOHEADER")
  sprint(tstr,"load data local infile '%s' into table %s",tstr,$s2)
  return 1

Neymotin S, Uhlrich DJ, Manning KA, Lytton WW (2008) Data mining of time-domain features from neural extracellular field data Applic. of Comput. Intel. in Bioinf. and Biomed.: Current Trends and Open Problems 151:119-140

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