High-Res. Recordings Using a Real-Time Computational Model of the Electrode (Brette et al. 2008)

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"Intracellular recordings of neuronal membrane potential are a central tool in neurophysiology. ... We introduce a computer-aided technique, Active Electrode Compensation (AEC), based on a digital model of the electrode interfaced in real time with the electrophysiological setup. ... AEC should be particularly useful to characterize fast neuronal phenomena intracellularly in vivo."
1 . Brette R, Piwkowska Z, Monier C, Rudolph-Lilith M, Fournier J, Levy M, Fr├ęgnac Y, Bal T, Destexhe A (2008) High-resolution intracellular recordings using a real-time computational model of the electrode. Neuron 59:379-91 [PubMed]
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