Duration-tuned neurons from the inferior colliculus of vertebrates (Aubie et al. 2012)

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These models reproduce the responses of duration-tuned neurons in the auditory midbrain of the big brown bat, the rat, the mouse and the frog (Aubie et al. 2012). They are written in the Python interface to NEURON and a subset of the figures from Aubie et al. (2012) are pre-set in run.py (raw data is generated and a separate graphing program must be used to visualize the results).
1 . Aubie B, Sayegh R, Faure PA (2012) Duration tuning across vertebrates. J Neurosci 32:6373-90 [PubMed]
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Model Type: Realistic Network; Neuron or other electrically excitable cell;
Brain Region(s)/Organism: Inferior Colliculus;
Cell Type(s):
Channel(s): I Sodium; I Potassium;
Gap Junctions:
Receptor(s): GabaA; AMPA; NMDA;
Transmitter(s): Gaba; Glutamate;
Simulation Environment: NEURON; Python;
Model Concept(s): Coincidence Detection; Simplified Models; Sensory processing; Duration Selectivity; Audition;
Implementer(s): Aubie, Brandon [aubiebn at mcmaster.ca];
Search NeuronDB for information about:  GabaA; AMPA; NMDA; I Sodium; I Potassium; Gaba; Glutamate;
Simulations using the Python interface to Neuron 7.2 (Development
Written by Brandon Aubie

How to Use
Install NEURON along with the Python interface.  To make use of
multiple cores (or workstations), install the OpenMP toolset.

View run.py for instructions on running different simulations and
reproducing a subset of the figures in Aubie et al. (2012).

In general, once you have a simulation defined (the appropriate lines
uncommented in run.py), you can simply run:

# ./run

and the simulations will run in multiple threads.  If OpenMP is not
available on your system, you can simply run:

# python run.py

Output files are CSV files suitable for producing graphs with many
graphing programs such as GLE (http://glx.sourceforge.net/).

Aubie, B., Sayegh, R., & Faure, P. A. (2012). Duration Tuning across
Vertebrates. Journal of Neuroscience, 32(18), 6373-6390.

2022-12: Migrate to Python 3(via `2to3 -w .`)

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