Cerebellum Purkinje cell: dendritic ion channels activated by climbing fibre (Ait Ouares et al 2019)

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"In cerebellar Purkinje neuron (PN) dendrites, the transient depolarisation associated with a climbing fibre (CF) EPSP activates voltage-gated Ca2+ channels (VGCCs), voltage-gated K+ channels (VGKCs) and Ca2+ activated SK and BK K+ channels. The resulting membrane potential (Vm) and Ca2+ transients play a fundamental role in dendritic integration and synaptic plasticity of parallel fibre inputs. Here we report a detailed investigation of the kinetics of dendritic Ca2+ and K+ channels activated by CF-EPSPs, based on optical measurements of Vm and Ca2+ transients and on a single-compartment NEURON model reproducing experimental data. ... "
1 . Ait Ouares K, Filipis L, Tzilivaki A, Poirazi P, Canepari M (2019) Two Distinct Sets of Ca2+ and K+ Channels Are Activated at Different Membrane Potentials by the Climbing Fiber Synaptic Potential in Purkinje Neuron Dendrites. J Neurosci 39:1969-1981 [PubMed]
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Model Type: Dendrite;
Brain Region(s)/Organism: Cerebellum;
Cell Type(s): Cerebellum Purkinje GABA cell;
Channel(s): I Calcium; I K,Ca; I Potassium;
Gap Junctions:
Simulation Environment: NEURON;
Model Concept(s): Simplified Models; Calcium dynamics; Active Dendrites;
Implementer(s): Filipis, Luiza [luizafilipu at gmail.com];
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  0.0000000e+000 -1.2687404e-003
  2.0202020e-001  5.6211172e-004
  4.0404040e-001  9.8003132e-004
  6.0606061e-001  1.9861445e-003
  8.0808081e-001 -1.4927557e-003
  1.0101010e+000 -1.2778649e-003
  1.2121212e+000 -2.1353408e-004
  1.4141414e+000 -2.0011567e-004
  1.6161616e+000 -2.2455229e-003
  1.8181818e+000  4.3866166e-004
  2.0202020e+000  1.5080181e-004
  2.2222222e+000 -2.3679995e-003
  2.4242424e+000  1.2280155e-004
  2.6262626e+000 -1.7522521e-003
  2.8282828e+000 -9.0063886e-004
  3.0303030e+000 -1.2916106e-003
  3.2323232e+000  2.3898628e-003
  3.4343434e+000 -7.6209400e-004
  3.6363636e+000  2.6211421e-003
  3.8383838e+000  4.9798774e-003
  4.0404040e+000  1.0936873e-002
  4.2424242e+000  1.2529192e-002
  4.4444444e+000  1.7587749e-002
  4.6464646e+000  1.9658135e-002
  4.8484848e+000  2.1656670e-002
  5.0505051e+000  2.4435916e-002
  5.2525253e+000  2.5091811e-002
  5.4545455e+000  2.6562738e-002
  5.6565657e+000  2.8854939e-002
  5.8585859e+000  2.7805525e-002
  6.0606061e+000  3.0208830e-002
  6.2626263e+000  2.9662967e-002
  6.4646465e+000  3.1617913e-002
  6.6666667e+000  3.0056917e-002
  6.8686869e+000  3.2900840e-002
  7.0707071e+000  3.2444156e-002
  7.2727273e+000  3.1726831e-002
  7.4747475e+000  3.2487696e-002
  7.6767677e+000  3.0209427e-002
  7.8787879e+000  2.9402461e-002
  8.0808081e+000  2.7807583e-002
  8.2828283e+000  2.7618497e-002
  8.4848485e+000  2.6977233e-002
  8.6868687e+000  2.6591589e-002
  8.8888889e+000  2.6338930e-002
  9.0909091e+000  2.6289464e-002
  9.2929293e+000  2.5716743e-002
  9.4949495e+000  2.6462287e-002
  9.6969697e+000  2.3530185e-002
  9.8989899e+000  2.4686163e-002
  1.0101010e+001  2.1189366e-002
  1.0303030e+001  1.9469831e-002
  1.0505051e+001  1.9282411e-002
  1.0707071e+001  1.8246386e-002
  1.0909091e+001  1.6253041e-002
  1.1111111e+001  1.6681326e-002
  1.1313131e+001  1.6160834e-002
  1.1515152e+001  1.4924477e-002
  1.1717172e+001  1.1788205e-002
  1.1919192e+001  1.3600645e-002
  1.2121212e+001  1.4436526e-002
  1.2323232e+001  1.3486901e-002
  1.2525253e+001  1.3631622e-002
  1.2727273e+001  1.3441205e-002
  1.2929293e+001  1.1701688e-002
  1.3131313e+001  1.3154625e-002
  1.3333333e+001  1.3053343e-002
  1.3535354e+001  9.4564431e-003
  1.3737374e+001  1.2285719e-002
  1.3939394e+001  1.0646879e-002
  1.4141414e+001  1.2924686e-002
  1.4343434e+001  1.1678315e-002
  1.4545455e+001  1.1064079e-002
  1.4747475e+001  9.6145778e-003
  1.4949495e+001  8.7244532e-003
  1.5151515e+001  1.0033487e-002
  1.5353535e+001  9.7772862e-003
  1.5555556e+001  8.2260521e-003
  1.5757576e+001  8.4582379e-003
  1.5959596e+001  1.3133775e-002
  1.6161616e+001  9.1550140e-003
  1.6363636e+001  1.1253200e-002
  1.6565657e+001  7.2042270e-003
  1.6767677e+001  9.6681021e-003
  1.6969697e+001  6.7618396e-003
  1.7171717e+001  8.3662137e-003
  1.7373737e+001  1.0425236e-002
  1.7575758e+001  7.7029922e-003
  1.7777778e+001  1.0769357e-002
  1.7979798e+001  7.6952970e-003
  1.8181818e+001  1.0444391e-002
  1.8383838e+001  8.8474251e-003
  1.8585859e+001  9.4238960e-003
  1.8787879e+001  6.4869762e-003
  1.8989899e+001  6.1032340e-003
  1.9191919e+001  8.3411781e-003
  1.9393939e+001  7.7918200e-003
  1.9595960e+001  6.9455077e-003
  1.9797980e+001  6.7863657e-003
  2.0000000e+001  8.1714760e-003

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