Neural Query System NQS Data-Mining From Within the NEURON Simulator (Lytton 2006)

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NQS is a databasing program with a query command modeled loosely on the SQL select command. Please see the manual NQS.pdf for details of use. An NQS database must be populated with data to be used. This package includes MFP (model fingerprint) which provides an example of NQS use with the model provided in the modeldb folder (see readme for usage).
1 . Lytton WW (2006) Neural Query System: Data-mining from within the NEURON simulator. Neuroinformatics 4:163-76 [PubMed]
Model Information (Click on a link to find other models with that property)
Model Type: Neuron or other electrically excitable cell;
Brain Region(s)/Organism:
Cell Type(s):
Gap Junctions:
Simulation Environment: NEURON;
Model Concept(s): Methods;
Implementer(s): Lytton, William [bill.lytton at];
// $Id: setup.hoc,v 1.21 2004/11/01 22:27:47 billl Exp $
// variables normally controlled by SIMCTRL

// load_file("setup.hoc")

proc setup () {}
strdef simname, filename, output_file, datestr, uname, comment, section, osname
objref tmpfile,nil,graphItem,sfunc
tmpfile = new File()
simname = "sim"      // helpful if running multiple simulations simultaneously
runnum = 2           // updated at end of run
datestr = "99aug01"  // updated at end of day
output_file = "data/99aug01.01"  // assumes a subdir called data
comment = "current comment for saving sim"
uname = "i686"  // keep track of type of machine for byte compatibility
if (unix_mac_pc()==1) osname = "Linux" else if (unix_mac_pc()==2) { 
  osname = "Mac" } else if (unix_mac_pc()==3) osname = "PC"
printStep = 0.25 // time interval for saving to vector
xwindows = 1     // can still save but not look without xwindows
sfunc = hoc_sf_  // from stdlib.hoc

// load_file("nrnoc.hoc")

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