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BrĂ£uer AU, Savaskan NE, Kole MH, Plaschke M, Monteggia LM, Nestler EJ, Simburger E, Deisz RA, Ninnemann O, Nitsch R (2001) Molecular and functional analysis of hyperpolarization-activated pacemaker channels in the hippocampus after entorhinal cortex lesion. FASEB J 15:2689-701 [PubMed]

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Jaffe DB, Brenner R (2018) A computational model for how the fast afterhyperpolarization paradoxically increases gain in regularly firing neurons. J Neurophysiol 119:1506-1520 [Journal] [PubMed]

   Paradoxical effect of fAHP amplitude on gain in dentate gyrus granule cells (Jaffe & Brenner 2018) [Model]

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