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Nenadic Z, Ghosh BJ, Ulinski P (2003) Propagating Waves in Visual Cortex: A Large-Scale Model of Turtle Visual Cortex Journal of Computational Neuroscience 14:161-184 [PubMed]

   Turtle visual cortex model (Nenadic et al. 2003, Wang et al. 2005, Wang et al. 2006)

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   Networks of spiking neurons: a review of tools and strategies (Brette et al. 2007) [Model]
   Thalamocortical Relay cell under current clamp in high-conductance state (Zeldenrust et al 2018) [Model]

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   Turtle visual cortex model (Nenadic et al. 2003, Wang et al. 2005, Wang et al. 2006) [Model]

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   Turtle visual cortex model (Nenadic et al. 2003, Wang et al. 2005, Wang et al. 2006) [Model]

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   Turtle visual cortex model (Nenadic et al. 2003, Wang et al. 2005, Wang et al. 2006) [Model]

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   Turtle visual cortex model (Nenadic et al. 2003, Wang et al. 2005, Wang et al. 2006) [Model]

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   Large cortex model with map-based neurons (Rulkov et al 2004) [Model]

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   Turtle visual cortex model (Nenadic et al. 2003, Wang et al. 2005, Wang et al. 2006) [Model]

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   Turtle visual cortex model (Nenadic et al. 2003, Wang et al. 2005, Wang et al. 2006) [Model]

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