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Van_pelt J, Schierwagen A, Uylings HBM (2001) Modeling dendritic morphological complexity of cat superior colliculus neurons Neurocomputing 38:403-408

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Koene RA, Tijms B, van Hees P, Postma F, de Ridder A, Ramakers GJ, van Pelt J, van Ooyen A (2009) NETMORPH: a framework for the stochastic generation of large scale neuronal networks with realistic neuron morphologies. Neuroinformatics 7:195-210 [Journal] [PubMed]

   NETMORPH: creates NNs with realistic neuron morphologies (Koene et al. 2009, van Ooyen et al. 2014) [Model]

Schierwagen A, Claus C (2001) Dendritic morphology and signal delay in superior colliculus neurons. Neurocomputing 38-40:343-350

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