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Bertram R, Egli M, Toporikova N, Freeman ME (2006) A mathematical model for the mating-induced prolactin rhythm of female rats. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab 290:E573-82 [PubMed]

   Oxytocin and VIP involvement in prolactin secretion (Egli et al. 2004,2006, Bertram et al. 2006)

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   Oxytocin and VIP involvement in prolactin secretion (Egli et al. 2004,2006, Bertram et al. 2006) [Model]

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   Oxytocin and VIP involvement in prolactin secretion (Egli et al. 2004,2006, Bertram et al. 2006) [Model]

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   Oxytocin and VIP involvement in prolactin secretion (Egli et al. 2004,2006, Bertram et al. 2006) [Model]

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