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Wang YJ, Lin MW, Lin AA, Wu SN (2008) Riluzole-induced block of voltage-gated Na+ current and activation of BKCa channels in cultured differentiated human skeletal muscle cells. Life Sci 82:11-20 [PubMed]

   Ca-dependent K Channel: kinetics from rat muscle (Moczydlowski, Latorre 1983) XPP

   Effect of riluzole on action potential in cultured human skeletal muscle cells (Wang YJ et al. 2008)

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   Ca-dependent K Channel: kinetics from rat muscle (Moczydlowski, Latorre 1983) NEURON [Model]
   Ca-dependent K Channel: kinetics from rat muscle (Moczydlowski, Latorre 1983) XPP [Model]

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   Effect of trp-like current on APs during exposure to sinusoidal voltage (Chen et al. 2010) [Model]
   Squid axon (Hodgkin, Huxley 1952) used in (Chen et al 2010) (R language) [Model]

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