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Barnes S, Hille B (1989) Ionic channels of the inner segment of tiger salamander cone photoreceptors. J Gen Physiol 94:719-43 [PubMed]

   Rod photoreceptor (Barnes and Hille 1989, Publio et al. 2006, Kourennyi and Liu et al. 2004)

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   Squid axon (Hodgkin, Huxley 1952) (LabAXON) [Model]
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   Reciprocal regulation of rod and cone synapse by NO (Kourennyi et al 2004) [Model]
   Rod photoreceptor (Barnes and Hille 1989, Publio et al. 2006, Kourennyi and Liu et al. 2004) [Model]

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   Rod photoreceptor (Barnes and Hille 1989, Publio et al. 2006, Kourennyi and Liu et al. 2004) [Model]
   Simulated light response in rod photoreceptors (Liu and Kourennyi 2004) [Model]

Publio R, Oliveira RF, Roque AC (2006) A realistic model of rod photoreceptor for use in a retina network model Neurocomputing 69:1020-1024 [Journal]

   Rod photoreceptor (Barnes and Hille 1989, Publio et al. 2006, Kourennyi and Liu et al. 2004) [Model]

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