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Sadoc G, Le_masson_g , Foutry B, Le_franc_y , Piwkowska Z, Destexhe A, Bal T (in press) Recreating in vivo-like activity and investigating the signal transfer capabilities of neurons: Dynamic-clamp applications using real-time NEURON Dynamic-clamp: From principles to applications, Destexhe A:Bal T, ed.

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Bédard C, Béhuret S, Deleuze C, Bal T, Destexhe A (2012) Oversampling method to extract excitatory and inhibitory conductances from single-trial membrane potential recordings. J Neurosci Methods 210:3-14 [Journal] [PubMed]

   Oversampling method to extract excitatory and inhibitory conductances (Bedard et al. 2012) [Model]

Pospischil M, Piwkowska Z, Bal T, Destexhe A (2009) Extracting synaptic conductances from single membrane potential traces. Neuroscience 158:545-52 [Journal] [PubMed]

   Python demo of the VmT method to extract conductances from single Vm traces (Pospischil et al. 2009) [Model]

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