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Chung YH, Joo KM, Nam RH, Kim YS, Lee WB, Cha CI (2005) Immunohistochemical study on the distribution of the voltage-gated potassium channels in the gerbil cerebellum. Neurosci Lett 374:58-62 [PubMed]

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Ovsepian SV, Steuber V, Le Berre M, O'Hara L, O'Leary VB, Dolly JO (2013) A defined heteromeric KV1 channel stabilizes the intrinsic pacemaking and regulates the output of deep cerebellar nuclear neurons to thalamic targets. J Physiol 591:1771-91 [Journal] [PubMed]

   KV1 channel governs cerebellar output to thalamus (Ovsepian et al. 2013) [Model]

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