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Goldwyn JH, Mc Laughlin M, Verschooten E, Joris PX, Rinzel J (2014) A model of the medial superior olive explains spatiotemporal features of local field potentials. J Neurosci 34:11705-22 [PubMed]

   A model of local field potentials generated by medial superior olive neurons (Goldwyn et al 2014)

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   A model for interaural time difference sensitivity in the medial superior olive (Zhou et al 2005) [Model]

McColgan T, Liu J, Kuokkanen PT, Carr CE, Wagner H, Kempter R (2017) Dipolar extracellular potentials generated by axonal projections. Elife [Journal] [PubMed]

   Dipolar extracellular potentials generated by axonal projections (McColgan et al 2017) [Model]

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