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Riera J, Hatanaka R, Uchida T, Ozaki T, Kawashima R (2011) Quantifying the uncertainty of spontaneous Ca2+ oscillations in astrocytes: particulars of Alzheimer's disease. Biophys J 101:554-64 [PubMed]

   Spontaneous calcium oscillations in single astrocytes (Riera et al. 2011) (Manninen et al 2017)

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   Spontaneous calcium oscillations in single astrocytes (Riera et al. 2011) (Manninen et al 2017) [Model]

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   Ca2+ oscillations in single astrocytes (Lavrentovich and Hemkin 2008) (python) (Manninen et al 2017) [Model]
   Glutamate-evoked Ca2+ oscillations in single astrocytes (Modified from Dupont et al. 2011) [Model]
   Glutamate-evoked Ca2+ oscillations in single astrocytes (De Pitta et al. 2009) (Manninen et al 2017) [Model]
   Reproducibility and comparability of models for astrocyte Ca2+ excitability (Manninen et al 2017) [Model]
   Spontaneous calcium oscillations in single astrocytes (Riera et al. 2011) (Manninen et al 2017) [Model]

Riera J, Hatanaka R, Ozaki T, Kawashima R (2011) Modeling the spontaneous Ca2+ oscillations in astrocytes: Inconsistencies and usefulness. J Integr Neurosci 10:439-73 [Journal] [PubMed]

   Spontaneous calcium oscillations in single astrocytes (Riera et al. 2011) (Manninen et al 2017) [Model]

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