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Pelz C, Jander J, Rosenboom H, Hammer M, Menzel R (1999) IA in Kenyon cells of the mushroom body of honeybees resembles shaker currents: kinetics, modulation by K+, and simulation. J Neurophysiol 81:1749-59 [PubMed]

   I A in Kenyon cells resemble Shaker currents (Pelz et al 1999)

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   Squid axon (Hodgkin, Huxley 1952) (LabAXON) [Model]
   Squid axon (Hodgkin, Huxley 1952) (NEURON) [Model]
   Squid axon (Hodgkin, Huxley 1952) (SNNAP) [Model]
   Squid axon (Hodgkin, Huxley 1952) used in (Chen et al 2010) (R language) [Model]
   Squid axon (Hodgkin, Huxley 1952) (SBML, XPP, other) [Model]

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   Kenyon cells in the honeybee (Wustenberg et al 2004) [Model]

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