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Cutsuridis V, Bullock D (2002) A Neural Circuit Model of the Effects of Cortical Dopamine Depletion on Task-Related Discharge Patterns of Cells in the Primary Motor Cortex Poster Session II: Sensory-Motor Control and Robotics, Book of abstracts of the 6th International Neural Network Conference

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Cutsuridis V (2006) Neural Model of Dopaminergic Control of Arm Movements in Parkinson's Disease Bradykinesia. Artificial Neural Networks - ICANN 2006, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Part 1, LNCS 4131, Kollias S et al., ed. pp.583 [Journal]

   A neural model of Parkinson`s disease (Cutsuridis and Perantonis 2006, Cutsuridis 2006, 2007) [Model]

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