Submyelin Potassium accumulation in Subthalamic neuron (STN) axons (Bellinger et al. 2008)

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"To better understand the direct effects of DBS (Deep brain stimulation) on central neurons, a computational model of a myelinated axon has been constructed which includes the effects of K+ accumulation within the peri-axonal space. Using best estimates of anatomic and electrogenic model parameters for in vivo STN axons, the model predicts a functional block along the axon due to K+ accumulation in the submyelin space. ... These results suggest that therapeutic DBS of the STN likely results in a functional block for many STN axons, although a subset of STN axons may also be activated at the stimulating frequency. "
1 . Bellinger SC, Miyazawa G, Steinmetz PN (2008) Submyelin potassium accumulation may functionally block subsets of local axons during deep brain stimulation: a modeling study. J Neural Eng 5:263-74 [PubMed]
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Model Type: Axon;
Brain Region(s)/Organism:
Cell Type(s): Subthalamus nucleus projection neuron;
Channel(s): I Na,p; I K; I Sodium; I_Ks; Na/K pump;
Gap Junctions:
Simulation Environment: NEURON;
Model Concept(s): Axonal Action Potentials; Action Potentials; Deep brain stimulation; Sodium pump; Depolarization block;
Implementer(s): Bellinger, Steven [Steve.Bellinger at];
Search NeuronDB for information about:  I Na,p; I K; I Sodium; I_Ks; Na/K pump;

load_file("globalParameters.hoc")  //define model globals and default inputs
load_file("createSegmentMatrix.hoc")  //creates a matrix describing connectivity of segments
load_file("createaxon.hoc")  //subroutine to create axon
load_file("calcLocations.hoc")  //subroutine to calculate node locations
load_file("calcResistance.hoc")  //subroutine to calculate resistances
load_file("buildAll.hoc")  //do all the above
load_file("extracellularStim.hoc")  //extracellular stimulus parameters
load_file("alteradvance.hoc")  //overwrite advance proc for extracellular stim

tstop = 1500
// run()
xpanel("Bellinger et al. 2008")
xlabel("Press a below button to run the simulation:")
xbutton("Short demo run","short_run()")
xbutton("fig 2b (2 hour run)","fig2b()")

proc short_run() {
  Graph[0].exec_menu("View = plot")
  print "Short run finished"

proc fig2b() {
  tstop=1500 //default tstop
  Graph[0].exec_menu("View = plot")
  print "Completed fig 2b"

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