Global structure, robustness, and modulation of neuronal models (Goldman et al. 2001)

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"The electrical characteristics of many neurons are remarkably robust in the face of changing internal and external conditions. At the same time, neurons can be highly sensitive to neuromodulators. We find correlates of this dual robustness and sensitivity in a global analysis of the structure of a conductance-based model neuron. ..."
1 . Goldman MS, Golowasch J, Marder E, Abbott LF (2001) Global structure, robustness, and modulation of neuronal models. J Neurosci 21:5229-38 [PubMed]
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Model Type: Neuron or other electrically excitable cell;
Brain Region(s)/Organism: Stomatogastric ganglion;
Cell Type(s):
Channel(s): I Na,t; I L high threshold; I T low threshold; I A; I K; I K,Ca; I Potassium;
Gap Junctions:
Simulation Environment: C or C++ program;
Model Concept(s): Bursting; Temporal Pattern Generation; Phase Response Curves;
Implementer(s): Goldman, Mark [msgoldman at];
Search NeuronDB for information about:  I Na,t; I L high threshold; I T low threshold; I A; I K; I K,Ca; I Potassium;
//Assorted useful math functions, many from Numerical Recipes

#define AND &&
#define OR ||
#define FALSE 0
#define TRUE 1
#define _PI (3.141592653589793238462)
static double sqrarg;  //next 2 lines is square fn. as stolen from num. recipes in C
#define SQR(a) ((sqrarg=(a)) == 0.0 ? 0.0 : sqrarg*sqrarg)
#define UA_TO_NA (1.0e3) //=uA/nA
#define CM_TO_UM (1.0e4) //= cm/um
#define S_TO_mS (1.0e3) //= S/mS

#define IA 16807
#define IM 2147483647
#define AM (1.0/IM)
#define IQ 127773
#define IR 2836
#define NTAB 32
#define NDIV (1+(IM-1)/NTAB)
#define EPS (1.2e-7)
#define RNMX (1.0-EPS)

//for data types
#define NR_END 1
#define FREE_ARG char*

//Random number generators--idum is a pointer to the seed
double ran1(long *idum);  //uniform 0.0 to 1.0
double RandExp(long *idum);  //Exponential, mean 1
double RandGauss(long *idum); //Gaussian, mean 0, variance 1

//Data types
void nrerror(char error_text[]); //Numerical recipes standard error handler
double *vector(long nl, long nh);
void free_vector(double *v, long nl, long nh);
double **matrix(long nrl, long nrh, long ncl, long nch);
void free_matrix(double **m, long nrl, long nrh, long ncl, long nch);

//Useful functions
double Max(double a, double b); //maximum of a and b
int Factorial(int n);
double Poisson(int N, double AveN); //Poisson distribution as a function of N
double Binomial(int n, int N, double p); //Binomial distribution as a fn. of n < N
double Mean(double *Vect, long NumElements);
double StdDev(double *Vect, long NumElements);
void moment(double *data, long n, double *ave, double *adev, double *sdev, double *var, double *skew, double *curt);
double ISIComputer(double *ISIList, double *SpikeList, long NumSpikes); //returns largest ISI
void Histogram(double MaxEntry, int NumBins, long ListLength, double *List, double *hist);

//Matrix manipulation routines
void MatrixMult(double* Result, double** Matrix, double* Vect, int NumRows, int NumCols);
void Eigenvals(double* Result, double** Matrix);
void Eigenvects(double** Result, double** Matrix);
void Eigensystem(double** S, double* Lambda, double** M);
double Determinant(double** Matrix);
void Inverse(double** Result, double** Matrix);

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