Model of the cerebellar granular network (Sudhakar et al 2017)

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"The granular layer, which mainly consists of granule and Golgi cells, is the first stage of the cerebellar cortex and processes spatiotemporal information transmitted by mossy fiber inputs with a wide variety of firing patterns. To study its dynamics at multiple time scales in response to inputs approximating real spatiotemporal patterns, we constructed a large-scale 3D network model of the granular layer. ..."
1 . Sudhakar SK, Hong S, Raikov I, Publio R, Lang C, Close T, Guo D, Negrello M, De Schutter E (2017) Spatiotemporal network coding of physiological mossy fiber inputs by the cerebellar granular layer. PLoS Comput Biol 13:e1005754 [PubMed]
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Model Type: Realistic Network;
Brain Region(s)/Organism: Cerebellum;
Cell Type(s): Cerebellum golgi cell;
Channel(s): I A; I Calcium; I K; I K,Ca; I Na,t; I h; I Na,p; I T low threshold;
Gap Junctions: Gap junctions;
Receptor(s): AMPA; NMDA; Gaba;
Transmitter(s): Glutamate; Gaba;
Simulation Environment: NEURON;
Model Concept(s): Spatio-temporal Activity Patterns; Oscillations; Synchronization; Winner-take-all;
Implementer(s): Hong, Sungho [shhong at]; Guo, Daqing [dqguo at]; Raikov, Ivan [ivan.g.raikov at]; Publio, Rodrigo [publio at]; De Schutter, Erik [erik at];
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/*******Cerebellar Granule Cell Model **********

FILE: Granule_template.hoc

// Cerebellum Granular Cell Model
// Last revised by Fontana Andrea 5.2.1999
// Last revised by Nieus Thierry 11.1.2001

FILE: Granule_template.hoc

Adapted by Sungho Hong and Claus Lang
Computational Neuroscience Unit, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, Japan
Supervision: Erik De Schutter

Correspondence: Sungho Hong (

September 16, 2017

begintemplate GC_cl
public soma, axon,connect2target, MFdel,GoCID,spiketime, spikecount,ite,GLID,gabai,gabag,record_flag
public ampa, gaba, NMDA, synapses, MFID,GoCdel,spikecount,AP, cellID,setv,MFT,MFI,Volvec
create soma

objref netcon, nil, MFID, MFdel,GoCID, spiketime, AP, spikecount,MFT,MFI,ICl,Volvec
objref ampa, gaba, NMDA, synapses,GoCdel,spikecount,AP, cellID,GLID,gabag,gabai,alph,syntonicGABA

proc init() {

	MFID = new Vector()
	MFI = new Vector()
    gabag = new Vector()
    gabai = new Vector()
	ite = 0
    record_flag = 0
	MFdel = new Vector()
	GoCID = new Vector()
    GLID=new Vector()
	GoCdel = new Vector()
	cellID = new Vector()
	spiketime = new Vector()
	spikecount= new Vector()
    Volvec = new Vector()
	ampa = new List()
	gaba = new List()
	NMDA = new List()
    alph = new Random(eseed)
	create soma
	soma {
        ICl=new IClamp(0.5)

        nseg = 1
    	diam = 9.76
    	L = 9.76
    	cm = 1
    	Ra = 100

        dprob=alph.uniform(-diam*0.2, diam*0.2)
        diam = diam + dprob


        insert GRANULE_LKG1
    	insert GRANULE_LKG2
    	insert GRANULE_Nmda_leak
    	insert GRANULE_NA
    	insert GRANULE_NAR
    	insert GRANULE_PNA
    	insert GRANULE_KV
    	insert GRANULE_KA
    	insert GRANULE_KIR
    	insert GRANULE_KCA
    	insert GRANULE_KM
    	insert GRANULE_CA
    	insert GRANULE_CALC

    	usetable_GRANULE_NA = 1
    	usetable_GRANULE_NAR = 1
    	usetable_GRANULE_PNA = 1
    	usetable_GRANULE_KV  = 1
    	usetable_GRANULE_KA = 1
    	usetable_GRANULE_KIR = 1
    	usetable_GRANULE_KCA = 1
    	usetable_GRANULE_KM = 1
    	usetable_GRANULE_CA = 1
		usetable_GRANULE_Nmda_leak = 1

        fix_celsius_GRANULE_LKG1 = fix_celsius
    	fix_celsius_GRANULE_LKG2 = fix_celsius
    	fix_celsius_GRANULE_Nmda_leak = fix_celsius
    	fix_celsius_GRANULE_NA = fix_celsius
    	fix_celsius_GRANULE_NAR = fix_celsius
    	fix_celsius_GRANULE_PNA = fix_celsius
    	fix_celsius_GRANULE_KV = fix_celsius
    	fix_celsius_GRANULE_KA = fix_celsius
    	fix_celsius_GRANULE_KIR = fix_celsius
    	fix_celsius_GRANULE_KCA = fix_celsius
    	fix_celsius_GRANULE_KM = fix_celsius
    	fix_celsius_GRANULE_CA = fix_celsius
    	fix_celsius_GRANULE_CALC = fix_celsius

        ena = 87.39
    	ek = -84.69
    	eca = 129.33
    	ecl = -65

        // syntonicGABA = new GrCtonicGABA(0.5)

		// create a different seed for each synapse
		for i=0,0 {
    		ampa.append(new GrCAMPAplusNMDA(0.5))
            // gaba.append(new GrCGABAreduced(0.5))
            // instead using the old GABA mechanism
            gaba.append(new GrCGABAexp(0.5))
            gaba.object(i).tau1 =  3
            gaba.object(i).tau2 =  5
            gaba.object(i).tau3 =  35

		AP = new APCount(0.5)
    	AP.thresh = -10

obfunc connect2target() {localobj nc // $o1 target point proces, optinal $o2 returned Netcon
    soma nc = new NetCon(&v(0.5),$o1)
    if (numarg()==2) {$o2 = nc} // for backward compatibility
    return nc

proc setv() {
    forall v = $1

endtemplate GC_cl

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