The role of network connectivity on epileptiform activity (Giacopelli et al 2021)

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A number of potentially important mechanisms have been identified as key players to generate epileptiform activity, such as genetic mutations, activity-dependent alteration of synaptic functions, and functional network reorganization at the macroscopic level. Here we study how network connectivity at cellular level can affect the onset of epileptiform activity, using computational model networks with different wiring properties. The model suggests that networks connected as in real brain circuits are more resistant to generate seizure-like activity. The results suggest new experimentally testable predictions on the cellular network connectivity in epileptic individuals, and highlight the importance of using the appropriate network connectivity to investigate epileptiform activity with computational models.
1 . Giacopelli G, Tegolo D, Migliore M (2021) The role of network connectivity on epileptiform activity Scientific Reports
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Brain Region(s)/Organism: Generic;
Cell Type(s): Abstract Hindmarsh-Rose neuron;
Gap Junctions:
Simulation Environment: MATLAB;
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Implementer(s): Giacopelli, Giuseppe [giuseppe.giacopelli at];
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