Model of cochlear membrane adapted (Peterson, Bogert 1950)

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This model, adapted from Peterson and Bogert (1950), simulates the response of the gerbil basilar membrane to a pure tone stimulus. This model does not attempt to simulate the effect of outer hair cell motility. The program prompts the user for the stimulus frequency and the Q (quality factor) for the basilar membrane impedance. It then plots cochlear partition volume velocity, the pressure difference across the partition and the cochlear partition impedance as a function of cochlear location. More information on the actual computations are contained in comments within the m-file.
1 . Peterson LC, Bogert BP (1950) A dynamical theory of the cochlea. J Acoust Soc Am 22:369-381
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Simulation Environment: MATLAB;
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Implementer(s): Naidu, R ; Mountain, David [dcm at];
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