Ambiguous Encoding and Distorted Perception (Carlson and Kawasaki 2006)

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"... In the weakly electric fish Eigenmannia, P- and T-type primary afferent fibers are specialized for encoding the amplitude and phase, respectively, of electrosensory stimuli. We used a stimulus estimation technique to quantify the ability of P- and T-units to encode random modulations in amplitude and phase. As expected, P-units exhibited a clear preference for encoding amplitude modulations, whereas T-units exhibited a clear preference for encoding phase modulations. Surprisingly, both types of afferents also encoded their nonpreferred stimulus attribute when it was presented in isolation or when the preferred stimulus attribute was sufficiently weak. Because afferent activity can be affected by modulations in either amplitude or phase, it is not possible to unambiguously distinguish between these two stimulus attributes by observing the activity of a single afferent fiber. Simple model neurons with a preference for encoding either amplitude or phase also encoded their nonpreferred stimulus attribute when it was presented in isolation, suggesting that such ambiguity is unavoidable. ... " See paper for more and details.
1 . Carlson BA, Kawasaki M (2006) Ambiguous encoding of stimuli by primary sensory afferents causes a lack of independence in the perception of multiple stimulus attributes. J Neurosci 26:9173-83 [PubMed]
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Model Type: Neuron or other electrically excitable cell;
Brain Region(s)/Organism:
Cell Type(s): Electric fish P- and T-type primary afferent fibers;
Gap Junctions:
Simulation Environment: MATLAB;
Model Concept(s): Oscillations; Sensory coding;
Model {
  Name			  "PrimAff"
  Version		  6.1
  MdlSubVersion		  0
  GraphicalInterface {
    NumRootInports	    0
    NumRootOutports	    0
    ParameterArgumentNames  ""
    ComputedModelVersion    "1.144"
    NumModelReferences	    0
    NumTestPointedSignals   0
  SavedCharacterEncoding  "ibm-5348_P100-1997"
  PreLoadFcn		  "global tstep tstop stim amdepth pmdepth freq\ngloba"
"l tim sig ram rpm\nglobal thold sigma spk"
  SaveDefaultBlockParams  on
  SampleTimeColors	  off
  LibraryLinkDisplay	  "none"
  WideLines		  off
  ShowLineDimensions	  off
  ShowPortDataTypes	  off
  ShowLoopsOnError	  on
  IgnoreBidirectionalLines off
  ShowStorageClass	  off
  ShowTestPointIcons	  on
  ShowViewerIcons	  on
  SortedOrder		  off
  ExecutionContextIcon	  off
  ShowLinearizationAnnotations on
  RecordCoverage	  off
  CovPath		  "/"
  CovSaveName		  "covdata"
  CovMetricSettings	  "dw"
  CovNameIncrementing	  off
  CovHtmlReporting	  on
  covSaveCumulativeToWorkspaceVar on
  CovSaveSingleToWorkspaceVar on
  CovCumulativeVarName	  "covCumulativeData"
  CovCumulativeReport	  off
  CovReportOnPause	  on
  ScopeRefreshTime	  0.035000
  OverrideScopeRefreshTime on
  DisableAllScopes	  off
  DataTypeOverride	  "UseLocalSettings"
  MinMaxOverflowLogging	  "UseLocalSettings"
  MinMaxOverflowArchiveMode "Overwrite"
  BlockNameDataTip	  off
  BlockParametersDataTip  off
  BlockDescriptionStringDataTip	off
  ToolBar		  on
  StatusBar		  on
  BrowserShowLibraryLinks off
  BrowserLookUnderMasks	  off
  InitFcn		  "genstim;"
  StopFcn		  "beg_dat = (100/tstep)+1;\nspk = spk(beg_dat:end);"
  Created		  "Sat Jul 30 14:49:40 2005"
  UpdateHistory		  "UpdateHistoryNever"
  ModifiedByFormat	  "%<Auto>"
  LastModifiedBy	  "Bruce Carlson"
  ModifiedDateFormat	  "%<Auto>"
  LastModifiedDate	  "Mon Dec 04 18:02:20 2006"
  ModelVersionFormat	  "1.%<AutoIncrement:144>"
  ConfigurationManager	  "None"
  LinearizationMsg	  "none"
  Profile		  off
  ParamWorkspaceSource	  "MATLABWorkspace"
  AccelSystemTargetFile	  "accel.tlc"
  AccelTemplateMakefile	  "accel_default_tmf"
  AccelMakeCommand	  "make_rtw"
  TryForcingSFcnDF	  off
  ExtModeBatchMode	  off
  ExtModeEnableFloating	  on
  ExtModeTrigType	  "manual"
  ExtModeTrigMode	  "normal"
  ExtModeTrigPort	  "1"
  ExtModeTrigElement	  "any"
  ExtModeTrigDuration	  1000
  ExtModeTrigDurationFloating "auto"
  ExtModeTrigHoldOff	  0
  ExtModeTrigDelay	  0
  ExtModeTrigDirection	  "rising"
  ExtModeTrigLevel	  0
  ExtModeArchiveMode	  "off"
  ExtModeAutoIncOneShot	  off
  ExtModeIncDirWhenArm	  off
  ExtModeAddSuffixToVar	  off
  ExtModeWriteAllDataToWs off
  ExtModeArmWhenConnect	  on
  ExtModeSkipDownloadWhenConnect off
  ExtModeLogAll		  on
  ExtModeAutoUpdateStatusClock on
  BufferReuse		  on
  StrictBusMsg		  "None"
  ProdHWDeviceType	  "32-bit Generic"
  ShowModelReferenceBlockVersion off
  ShowModelReferenceBlockIO off
  Array {
    Type		    "Handle"
    Dimension		    1
    Simulink.ConfigSet {
      $ObjectID		      1
      Version		      "1.0.4"
      Array {
	Type			"Handle"
	Dimension		7
	Simulink.SolverCC {
	  $ObjectID		  2
	  Version		  "1.0.4"
	  StartTime		  "0.00"
	  StopTime		  "tstop-tstep+100"
	  AbsTol		  "auto"
	  FixedStep		  "tstep"
	  InitialStep		  "auto"
	  MaxNumMinSteps	  "-1"
	  MaxOrder		  5
	  ExtrapolationOrder	  4
	  NumberNewtonIterations  1
	  MaxStep		  "auto"
	  MinStep		  "auto"
	  RelTol		  "1e-3"
	  SolverMode		  "Auto"
	  Solver		  "FixedStepDiscrete"
	  SolverName		  "FixedStepDiscrete"
	  ZeroCrossControl	  "UseLocalSettings"
	  PositivePriorityOrder	  off
	  AutoInsertRateTranBlk	  off
	  SampleTimeConstraint	  "Unconstrained"
	  RateTranMode		  "Deterministic"
	Simulink.DataIOCC {
	  $ObjectID		  3
	  Version		  "1.0.4"
	  Decimation		  "1"
	  ExternalInput		  "[t, u]"
	  FinalStateName	  "xFinal"
	  InitialState		  "xInitial"
	  LimitDataPoints	  off
	  MaxDataPoints		  "1000"
	  LoadExternalInput	  off
	  LoadInitialState	  off
	  SaveFinalState	  off
	  SaveFormat		  "Array"
	  SaveOutput		  off
	  SaveState		  off
	  SignalLogging		  on
	  SaveTime		  off
	  StateSaveName		  "xout"
	  TimeSaveName		  "tout"
	  OutputSaveName	  "yout"
	  SignalLoggingName	  "sigsOut"
	  OutputOption		  "RefineOutputTimes"
	  OutputTimes		  "[]"
	  Refine		  "1"
	Simulink.OptimizationCC {
	  $ObjectID		  4
	  Version		  "1.0.4"
	  BlockReduction	  on
	  BooleanDataType	  on
	  ConditionallyExecuteInputs on
	  ConditionalExecOptimization "on_for_testing"
	  InlineParams		  off
	  InlineInvariantSignals  on
	  OptimizeBlockIOStorage  on
	  BufferReuse		  on
	  EnforceIntegerDowncast  on
	  ExpressionFolding	  on
	  FoldNonRolledExpr	  on
	  LocalBlockOutputs	  on
	  ParameterPooling	  on
	  RollThreshold		  5
	  SystemCodeInlineAuto	  off
	  StateBitsets		  off
	  DataBitsets		  off
	  UseTempVars		  off
	  ZeroExternalMemoryAtStartup on
	  ZeroInternalMemoryAtStartup on
	  InitFltsAndDblsToZero	  on
	  NoFixptDivByZeroProtection off
	  OptimizeModelRefInitCode off
	  LifeSpan		  "inf"
	Simulink.DebuggingCC {
	  $ObjectID		  5
	  Version		  "1.0.4"
	  RTPrefix		  "error"
	  ConsistencyChecking	  "none"
	  ArrayBoundsChecking	  "none"
	  AlgebraicLoopMsg	  "warning"
	  ArtificialAlgebraicLoopMsg "warning"
	  CheckSSInitialOutputMsg on
	  CheckExecutionContextPreStartOutputMsg off
	  CheckExecutionContextRuntimeOutputMsg	off
	  SignalResolutionControl "TryResolveAllWithWarning"
	  BlockPriorityViolationMsg "warning"
	  MinStepSizeMsg	  "warning"
	  SolverPrmCheckMsg	  "none"
	  InheritedTsInSrcMsg	  "warning"
	  DiscreteInheritContinuousMsg "warning"
	  MultiTaskDSMMsg	  "warning"
	  MultiTaskRateTransMsg	  "error"
	  SingleTaskRateTransMsg  "none"
	  TasksWithSamePriorityMsg "warning"
	  CheckMatrixSingularityMsg "none"
	  IntegerOverflowMsg	  "warning"
	  Int32ToFloatConvMsg	  "warning"
	  ParameterDowncastMsg	  "error"
	  ParameterOverflowMsg	  "error"
	  ParameterPrecisionLossMsg "warning"
	  UnderSpecifiedDataTypeMsg "none"
	  UnnecessaryDatatypeConvMsg "none"
	  VectorMatrixConversionMsg "none"
	  InvalidFcnCallConnMsg	  "error"
	  FcnCallInpInsideContextMsg "Use local settings"
	  SignalLabelMismatchMsg  "none"
	  UnconnectedInputMsg	  "none"
	  UnconnectedOutputMsg	  "none"
	  UnconnectedLineMsg	  "none"
	  SFcnCompatibilityMsg	  "none"
	  UniqueDataStoreMsg	  "none"
	  RootOutportRequireBusObject "warning"
	  AssertControl		  "UseLocalSettings"
	  EnableOverflowDetection off
	  ModelReferenceIOMsg	  "none"
	  ModelReferenceVersionMismatchMessage "none"
	  ModelReferenceIOMismatchMessage "none"
	  ModelReferenceCSMismatchMessage "none"
	  ModelReferenceSimTargetVerbose off
	  UnknownTsInhSupMsg	  "warning"
	  ModelReferenceDataLoggingMessage "warning"
	  ModelReferenceSymbolNameMessage "warning"
	Simulink.HardwareCC {
	  $ObjectID		  6
	  Version		  "1.0.4"
	  ProdBitPerChar	  8
	  ProdBitPerShort	  16
	  ProdBitPerInt		  32
	  ProdBitPerLong	  32
	  ProdIntDivRoundTo	  "Undefined"
	  ProdEndianess		  "Unspecified"
	  ProdWordSize		  32
	  ProdShiftRightIntArith  on
	  ProdHWDeviceType	  "32-bit Generic"
	  TargetBitPerChar	  8
	  TargetBitPerShort	  16
	  TargetBitPerInt	  32
	  TargetBitPerLong	  32
	  TargetShiftRightIntArith on
	  TargetIntDivRoundTo	  "Undefined"
	  TargetEndianess	  "Unspecified"
	  TargetWordSize	  32
	  TargetTypeEmulationWarnSuppressLevel 0
	  TargetPreprocMaxBitsSint 32
	  TargetPreprocMaxBitsUint 32
	  TargetHWDeviceType	  "Specified"
	  TargetUnknown		  on
	  ProdEqTarget		  on
	Simulink.ModelReferenceCC {
	  $ObjectID		  7
	  Version		  "1.0.4"
	  UpdateModelReferenceTargets "IfOutOfDateOrStructuralChange"
	  CheckModelReferenceTargetMessage "error"
	  ModelReferenceNumInstancesAllowed "Multi"
	  ModelReferencePassRootInputsByReference on
	  ModelReferenceMinAlgLoopOccurrences off
	Simulink.RTWCC {
	  $BackupClass		  "Simulink.RTWCC"
	  $ObjectID		  8
	  Version		  "1.0.4"
	  SystemTargetFile	  "grt.tlc"
	  GenCodeOnly		  off
	  MakeCommand		  "make_rtw"
	  TemplateMakefile	  "grt_default_tmf"
	  GenerateReport	  off
	  SaveLog		  off
	  RTWVerbose		  on
	  RetainRTWFile		  off
	  ProfileTLC		  off
	  TLCDebug		  off
	  TLCCoverage		  off
	  TLCAssert		  off
	  ProcessScriptMode	  "Default"
	  ConfigurationMode	  "Optimized"
	  ConfigAtBuild		  off
	  IncludeHyperlinkInReport off
	  LaunchReport		  off
	  Array {
	    Type		    "Handle"
	    Dimension		    2
	    Simulink.CodeAppCC {
	      $ObjectID		      9
	      Version		      "1.0.4"
	      ForceParamTrailComments off
	      GenerateComments	      on
	      IgnoreCustomStorageClasses on
	      IncHierarchyInIds	      off
	      MaxIdLength	      31
	      PreserveName	      off
	      PreserveNameWithParent  off
	      ShowEliminatedStatement off
	      IncAutoGenComments      off
	      SimulinkDataObjDesc     off
	      SFDataObjDesc	      off
	      IncDataTypeInIds	      off
	      PrefixModelToSubsysFcnNames on
	      CustomSymbolStr	      "$R$N$M"
	      MangleLength	      1
	      DefineNamingRule	      "None"
	      ParamNamingRule	      "None"
	      SignalNamingRule	      "None"
	      InsertBlockDesc	      off
	      SimulinkBlockComments   on
	      EnableCustomComments    off
	      InlinedPrmAccess	      "Literals"
	      ReqsInCode	      off
	    Simulink.GRTTargetCC {
	      $BackupClass	      "Simulink.TargetCC"
	      $ObjectID		      10
	      Version		      "1.0.4"
	      TargetFcnLib	      "ansi_tfl_tmw.mat"
	      GenFloatMathFcnCalls    "ANSI_C"
	      UtilityFuncGeneration   "Auto"
	      GenerateFullHeader      on
	      GenerateSampleERTMain   off
	      IsPILTarget	      off
	      ModelReferenceCompliant off
	      IncludeMdlTerminateFcn  on
	      CombineOutputUpdateFcns off
	      SuppressErrorStatus     off
	      IncludeFileDelimiter    "Auto"
	      ERTCustomFileBanners    off
	      SupportAbsoluteTime     on
	      LogVarNameModifier      "rt_"
	      MatFileLogging	      off
	      MultiInstanceERTCode    off
	      SupportNonFinite	      on
	      SupportComplex	      on
	      PurelyIntegerCode	      off
	      SupportContinuousTime   on
	      SupportNonInlinedSFcns  on
	      ExtMode		      off
	      ExtModeStaticAlloc      off
	      ExtModeTesting	      off
	      ExtModeStaticAllocSize  1000000
	      ExtModeTransport	      0
	      ExtModeMexFile	      "ext_comm"
	      RTWCAPISignals	      off
	      RTWCAPIParams	      off
	      RTWCAPIStates	      off
	      GenerateASAP2	      off
	    PropName		    "Components"
	PropName		"Components"
      Name		      "Configuration"
      SimulationMode	      "normal"
      CurrentDlgPage	      "Diagnostics"
    PropName		    "ConfigurationSets"
  Simulink.ConfigSet {
    $PropName		    "ActiveConfigurationSet"
    $ObjectID		    1
  BlockDefaults {
    Orientation		    "right"
    ForegroundColor	    "black"
    BackgroundColor	    "white"
    DropShadow		    off
    NamePlacement	    "normal"
    FontName		    "Helvetica"
    FontSize		    10
    FontWeight		    "normal"
    FontAngle		    "normal"
    ShowName		    on
  BlockParameterDefaults {
    Block {
      BlockType		      Demux
      Outputs		      "4"
      DisplayOption	      "none"
      BusSelectionMode	      off
    Block {
      BlockType		      FromWorkspace
      VariableName	      "simulink_input"
      SampleTime	      "-1"
      Interpolate	      on
      OutputAfterFinalValue   "Extrapolation"
    Block {
      BlockType		      Inport
      BusObject		      "BusObject"
      BusOutputAsStruct	      off
      PortDimensions	      "-1"
      SampleTime	      "-1"
      DataType		      "auto"
      OutDataType	      "sfix(16)"
      OutScaling	      "2^0"
      SignalType	      "auto"
      SamplingMode	      "auto"
      Interpolate	      on
    Block {
      BlockType		      Outport
      Port		      "1"
      BusObject		      "BusObject"
      BusOutputAsStruct	      off
      PortDimensions	      "-1"
      SampleTime	      "-1"
      DataType		      "auto"
      OutDataType	      "sfix(16)"
      OutScaling	      "2^0"
      SignalType	      "auto"
      SamplingMode	      "auto"
      OutputWhenDisabled      "held"
      InitialOutput	      "[]"
    Block {
      BlockType		      Scope
      Floating		      off
      ModelBased	      off
      TickLabels	      "OneTimeTick"
      ZoomMode		      "on"
      Grid		      "on"
      TimeRange		      "auto"
      YMin		      "-5"
      YMax		      "5"
      SaveToWorkspace	      off
      SaveName		      "ScopeData"
      LimitDataPoints	      on
      MaxDataPoints	      "5000"
      Decimation	      "1"
      SampleInput	      off
      SampleTime	      "0"
    Block {
      BlockType		      "S-Function"
      FunctionName	      "system"
      SFunctionModules	      "''"
      PortCounts	      "[]"
    Block {
      BlockType		      SubSystem
      ShowPortLabels	      on
      Permissions	      "ReadWrite"
      PermitHierarchicalResolution "All"
      SystemSampleTime	      "-1"
      RTWFcnNameOpts	      "Auto"
      RTWFileNameOpts	      "Auto"
      SimViewingDevice	      off
      DataTypeOverride	      "UseLocalSettings"
      MinMaxOverflowLogging   "UseLocalSettings"
    Block {
      BlockType		      ToWorkspace
      VariableName	      "simulink_output"
      MaxDataPoints	      "1000"
      Decimation	      "1"
      SampleTime	      "0"
      FixptAsFi		      off
  AnnotationDefaults {
    HorizontalAlignment	    "center"
    VerticalAlignment	    "middle"
    ForegroundColor	    "black"
    BackgroundColor	    "white"
    DropShadow		    off
    FontName		    "Helvetica"
    FontSize		    10
    FontWeight		    "normal"
    FontAngle		    "normal"
  LineDefaults {
    FontName		    "Helvetica"
    FontSize		    9
    FontWeight		    "normal"
    FontAngle		    "normal"
  System {
    Name		    "PrimAff"
    Location		    [437, 305, 843, 495]
    Open		    on
    ModelBrowserVisibility  off
    ModelBrowserWidth	    200
    ScreenColor		    "white"
    PaperOrientation	    "landscape"
    PaperPositionMode	    "auto"
    PaperType		    "usletter"
    PaperUnits		    "inches"
    ZoomFactor		    "100"
    ReportName		    "simulink-default.rpt"
    Block {
      BlockType		      SubSystem
      Name		      "Leaky I&F neuron\nwith  ref. period\nand noise"
      Ports		      [1, 2]
      Position		      [145, 54, 185, 116]
      ShowPortLabels	      off
      TreatAsAtomicUnit	      off
      MinAlgLoopOccurrences   off
      RTWSystemCode	      "Auto"
      MaskType		      "L I&F ref. per. noise"
      MaskDescription	      "Parameters"
      MaskHelp		      "For a detailled description of the model, pleas"
"e type 'help liandfrn' in the main matlab window."
      MaskPromptString	      "time step [msec]|mean threshold [mV]|noise st. "
"dev.|Capacitance [nF]|Resistance [MOhms]|refractory period [msec]"
      MaskStyleString	      "edit,edit,edit,edit,edit,edit"
      MaskTunableValueString  "on,on,on,on,on,on"
      MaskCallbackString      "|||||"
      MaskEnableString	      "on,on,on,on,on,on"
      MaskVisibilityString    "on,on,on,on,on,on"
      MaskToolTipString	      "on,on,on,on,on,on"
      MaskVarAliasString      ",,,,,"
      MaskVariables	      "dt=@1;thres=@2;sigma=@3;C=@4;R=@5;ref=@6;"
      MaskInitialization      " if (ref<dt) disp(' '); disp('Warning: refracto"
"ry period cannot be smaller than time step.'); disp(' '); end;"
      MaskDisplay	      "disp('Vm \\n\\n spikes')"
      MaskIconFrame	      on
      MaskIconOpaque	      on
      MaskIconRotate	      "none"
      MaskIconUnits	      "autoscale"
      MaskValueString	      "tstep|thold|sigma|0.1|10|1"
      MaskTabNameString	      ",,,,,"
      System {
	Name			"Leaky I&F neuron\nwith  ref. period\nand nois"
	Location		[206, 454, 507, 600]
	Open			off
	ModelBrowserVisibility	off
	ModelBrowserWidth	200
	ScreenColor		"white"
	PaperOrientation	"landscape"
	PaperPositionMode	"auto"
	PaperType		"usletter"
	PaperUnits		"inches"
	ZoomFactor		"100"
	Block {
	  BlockType		  Inport
	  Name			  "in_1"
	  Position		  [40, 55, 60, 75]
	  Port			  "1"
	  IconDisplay		  "Port number"
	  LatchInput		  off
	Block {
	  BlockType		  Demux
	  Name			  "Demux"
	  Ports			  [1, 2]
	  Position		  [180, 46, 220, 79]
	  Outputs		  "2"
	Block {
	  BlockType		  "S-Function"
	  Name			  "Leaky I&F neuron\nwith ref. period"
	  Ports			  [1, 1]
	  Position		  [90, 47, 140, 83]
	  FunctionName		  "liandfrn_sim"
	  Parameters		  "dt,thres,sigma,C,R,ref"
	Block {
	  BlockType		  Outport
	  Name			  "out_2"
	  Position		  [250, 60, 270, 80]
	  IconDisplay		  "Port number"
	  BusOutputAsStruct	  off
	  InitialOutput		  "0"
	Block {
	  BlockType		  Outport
	  Name			  "out_1"
	  Position		  [250, 45, 270, 65]
	  Port			  "2"
	  IconDisplay		  "Port number"
	  BusOutputAsStruct	  off
	  InitialOutput		  "0"
	Line {
	  SrcBlock		  "Leaky I&F neuron\nwith ref. period"
	  SrcPort		  1
	  DstBlock		  "Demux"
	  DstPort		  1
	Line {
	  SrcBlock		  "Demux"
	  SrcPort		  1
	  DstBlock		  "out_1"
	  DstPort		  1
	Line {
	  SrcBlock		  "Demux"
	  SrcPort		  2
	  DstBlock		  "out_2"
	  DstPort		  1
	Line {
	  SrcBlock		  "in_1"
	  SrcPort		  1
	  DstBlock		  "Leaky I&F neuron\nwith ref. period"
	  DstPort		  1
    Block {
      BlockType		      Scope
      Name		      "Scope"
      Ports		      [3]
      Position		      [335, 94, 365, 126]
      Location		      [1, 52, 1281, 769]
      Open		      on
      NumInputPorts	      "3"
      TickLabels	      "on"
      List {
	ListType		AxesTitles
	axes1			"%<SignalLabel>"
	axes2			"%<SignalLabel>"
	axes3			"%<SignalLabel>"
      TimeRange		      "1000"
      YMin		      "-0.1~-50~-20"
      YMax		      "1.1~15~20"
      DataFormat	      "Array"
      LimitDataPoints	      off
    Block {
      BlockType		      ToWorkspace
      Name		      "Spikes"
      Position		      [270, 37, 320, 53]
      VariableName	      "spk"
      MaxDataPoints	      "Inf"
      SaveFormat	      "Array"
    Block {
      BlockType		      FromWorkspace
      Name		      "Stimulus\nWaveform"
      Position		      [30, 74, 80, 96]
      VariableName	      "[tim, sig]"
      SampleTime	      "0"
      Interpolate	      off
      OutputAfterFinalValue   "Holding final value"
    Line {
      SrcBlock		      "Stimulus\nWaveform"
      SrcPort		      1
      Points		      [25, 0]
      Branch {
	Points			[0, 75; 210, 0]
	DstBlock		"Scope"
	DstPort			3
      Branch {
	DstBlock		"Leaky I&F neuron\nwith  ref. period\nand nois"
	DstPort			1
    Line {
      SrcBlock		      "Leaky I&F neuron\nwith  ref. period\nand noise"
      SrcPort		      1
      Points		      [70, 0; 0, 40]
      DstBlock		      "Scope"
      DstPort		      2
    Line {
      SrcBlock		      "Leaky I&F neuron\nwith  ref. period\nand noise"
      SrcPort		      2
      Points		      [35, 0]
      Branch {
	DstBlock		"Scope"
	DstPort			1
      Branch {
	Points			[0, -55]
	DstBlock		"Spikes"
	DstPort			1

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