Functional consequences of cortical circuit abnormalities on gamma in schizophrenia (Spencer 2009)

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"Schizophrenia is characterized by cortical circuit abnormalities, which might be reflected in gamma-frequency (30–100 Hz) oscillations in the electroencephalogram. Here we used a computational model of cortical circuitry to examine the effects that neural circuit abnormalities might have on gamma generation and network excitability. The model network consisted of 1000 leaky integrateand- fi re neurons with realistic connectivity patterns and proportions of neuron types [pyramidal cells (PCs), regular-spiking inhibitory interneurons, and fast-spiking interneurons (FSIs)]. ... The results of this study suggest that a multimodal approach, combining non-invasive neurophysiological and structural measures, might be able to distinguish between different neural circuit abnormalities in schizophrenia patients. ..."
1 . Spencer KM (2009) The functional consequences of cortical circuit abnormalities on gamma oscillations in schizophrenia: insights from computational modeling. Front Hum Neurosci 3:33 [PubMed]
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Model Type: Realistic Network;
Brain Region(s)/Organism: Neocortex;
Cell Type(s):
Gap Junctions:
Receptor(s): GabaA; AMPA; NMDA;
Simulation Environment: IDL;
Model Concept(s): Oscillations; Simplified Models; Schizophrenia; Brain Rhythms;
Implementer(s): Spencer, Kevin M. [kevin_spencer at];
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; total connectivity

; v03ct - done
;ctx, 'v03ct010', rseed='v03', con_t=0.1
;ctx, 'v03ct020', rseed='v03', con_t=0.2
;ctx, 'v03ct030', rseed='v03', con_t=0.3
;ctx, 'v03ct040', rseed='v03', con_t=0.4
;ctx, 'v03ct050', rseed='v03', con_t=0.5
;ctx, 'v03ct060', rseed='v03', con_t=0.6
;ctx, 'v03ct070', rseed='v03', con_t=0.7
;ctx, 'v03ct080', rseed='v03', con_t=0.8
;ctx, 'v03ct090', rseed='v03', con_t=0.9
;ctx, 'v03ct100', rseed='v03', con_t=1.

; v01ct - JP - done
;ctx, 'v01ct010', rseed='v01', con_t=0.1
;ctx, 'v01ct020', rseed='v01', con_t=0.2
;ctx, 'v01ct030', rseed='v01', con_t=0.3
;ctx, 'v01ct040', rseed='v01', con_t=0.4
;ctx, 'v01ct050', rseed='v01', con_t=0.5
;ctx, 'v01ct060', rseed='v01', con_t=0.6
;ctx, 'v01ct070', rseed='v01', con_t=0.7
;ctx, 'v01ct080', rseed='v01', con_t=0.8
;ctx, 'v01ct090', rseed='v01', con_t=0.9
;ctx, 'v01ct100', rseed='v01', con_t=1.

; recurrent excitatory connectivity

; v03cr - home - done
;ctx, 'v03cr010', rseed='v03', con_r=0.1
;ctx, 'v03cr020', rseed='v03', con_r=0.2
;ctx, 'v03cr030', rseed='v03', con_r=0.3
;ctx, 'v03cr040', rseed='v03', con_r=0.4
;ctx, 'v03cr050', rseed='v03', con_r=0.5
;ctx, 'v03cr060', rseed='v03', con_r=0.6
;ctx, 'v03cr070', rseed='v03', con_r=0.7
;ctx, 'v03cr080', rseed='v03', con_r=0.8
;ctx, 'v03cr090', rseed='v03', con_r=0.9
;ctx, 'v03cr100', rseed='v03', con_r=1.

; v01cr - JP - done
;ctx, 'v01cr010', rseed='v01', con_r=0.1
;ctx, 'v01cr020', rseed='v01', con_r=0.2
;ctx, 'v01cr030', rseed='v01', con_r=0.3
;ctx, 'v01cr040', rseed='v01', con_r=0.4
;ctx, 'v01cr050', rseed='v01', con_r=0.5
;ctx, 'v01cr060', rseed='v01', con_r=0.6
;ctx, 'v01cr070', rseed='v01', con_r=0.7
;ctx, 'v01cr080', rseed='v01', con_r=0.8
;ctx, 'v01cr090', rseed='v01', con_r=0.9
;ctx, 'v01cr100', rseed='v01', con_r=1.

; PC connectivity

; v03cp - home - done
;ctx, 'v03cp010', rseed='v03', con_p=0.1
;ctx, 'v03cp020', rseed='v03', con_p=0.2
;ctx, 'v03cp030', rseed='v03', con_p=0.3
;ctx, 'v03cp040', rseed='v03', con_p=0.4
;ctx, 'v03cp050', rseed='v03', con_p=0.5
;ctx, 'v03cp060', rseed='v03', con_p=0.6
;ctx, 'v03cp070', rseed='v03', con_p=0.7
;ctx, 'v03cp080', rseed='v03', con_p=0.8
;ctx, 'v03cp090', rseed='v03', con_p=0.9
;ctx, 'v03cp100', rseed='v03', con_p=1.

; v01cp - home - done
;ctx, 'v01cp010', rseed='v01', con_p=0.1
;ctx, 'v01cp020', rseed='v01', con_p=0.2
;ctx, 'v01cp030', rseed='v01', con_p=0.3
;ctx, 'v01cp040', rseed='v01', con_p=0.4
;ctx, 'v01cp050', rseed='v01', con_p=0.5
;ctx, 'v01cp060', rseed='v01', con_p=0.6
;ctx, 'v01cp070', rseed='v01', con_p=0.7
;ctx, 'v01cp080', rseed='v01', con_p=0.8
;ctx, 'v01cp090', rseed='v01', con_p=0.9
;ctx, 'v01cp100', rseed='v01', con_p=1.

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