Drosophila 3rd instar larval aCC motoneuron (Gunay et al. 2015)

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Single compartmental, ball-and-stick models implemented in XPP and full morphological model in Neuron. Paper has been submitted and correlates anatomical properties with electrophysiological recordings from these hard-to-access neurons. For instance we make predictions about location of the spike initiation zone, channel distributions, and synaptic input parameters.
1 . G√ľnay C, Sieling FH, Dharmar L, Lin WH, Wolfram V, Marley R, Baines RA, Prinz AA (2015) Distal spike initiation zone location estimation by morphological simulation of ionic current filtering demonstrated in a novel model of an identified Drosophila motoneuron. PLoS Comput Biol 11:e1004189 [PubMed]
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Model Type: Neuron or other electrically excitable cell;
Brain Region(s)/Organism: Drosophila;
Cell Type(s):
Channel(s): I Na,p; I Na,t; I A; I K;
Gap Junctions:
Receptor(s): Cholinergic Receptors;
Simulation Environment: NEURON; XPP; MATLAB;
Model Concept(s):
Implementer(s): Gunay, Cengiz [cgunay at emory.edu]; Sieling, Fred [fred.sieling at gmail.com]; Prinz, Astrid [astrid.prinz at emory.edu];
Search NeuronDB for information about:  Cholinergic Receptors; I Na,p; I Na,t; I A; I K;
# successor of model-fk-sk-na_7-1.ode, with changes:
# * new fast K model with 2 tauh
# * new slow K model with p=4
# conductances in nS  
# currents in pA  
# Voltages in mV  
# time in ms  
# capacitances in pF  
#dV/dt=-1/c*(gKs*mKs^4*(V-EK) + gKf*mKf^4*(fh*hKf+(1-fh)*hKf2)*(V-EK) + gNa*mNa^3*hNa*(V-ENa) + gleak*(V-Eleak)-I)  

#slow K  
# orig = 5.1
par gKs=50
par EK=-80  
minfKs(V) = 1/(1+exp((V+12.85)/(-19.91)))  
mtauKs(V) = 2.03 + 1.96 /(1+exp((V-29.83)/3.32))  
aux Iks=Iks

#fast K with 2 inactivation time constants
Ikf=gKf*mKf^4*(fh*hKf + (1-fh)*hKf2)*(V-EK)  
par gKf=24.1
par fh=.95
minfKf(V) = 1/(1+exp((V+17.55)/(-7.27)))  
mtauKf(V) = 1.94+2.66/(1+exp((V-8.12)/7.96))  
hinfK(V) = 1/(1+exp((V+45)/6))  
htauK(V) = 1.79+515.8/(1+exp((V+147.4)/(28.66)))  
# mistake; should be hinfK == hinfK2
hinfK2(V) = 1/(1+exp((V+44.2)/1.5))
aux Ikf=Ikf
# from O'Dowd and Aldrich (1988)
par ENa=45
# gNa reported as 500 pS/pF, multiply with C=20 pF
par gNa=100
minfNa(V) = 1/(1+exp((V+29.13)/(-8.922)))
mtauNa(V) = 3.861-3.434/(1+exp((V+51.35)/(-5.98)))
hinfNa(V) = 1/(1+exp((V+40)/6.048))
htauNa(V) = 2.834-2.371/(1+exp((V+21.9)/(-2.641)))
aux Ina=Ina

# NaP from DmNav10 of WHL oocyte #1
par gNaP=.8
minfNap(V) = 1/(1+exp((V+48.77)/(-3.68)))
mtauNap(V) = 1
aux Inap=Inap

global 1 t {I=Ihold}    
global 1 t-10 {I=Ipulse}  
global 1 t-510 {I=Ihold}  

# initial conditions for settled at I=-12
# easiest way is to get this is to save "info" from File menu
init V=-54.56137733296305, MKS=0.1095841015345856, MKF=0.006114411948700807, HKF=0.831116786237579, HKF2=6.331878827270821, MNA=0.05466001581199555, HNA=0.9174076713170543, MNAP=0.1716833324516358

@ total=530,bounds=10000000000,meth=euler,dt=.001, nout=100, maxstor=10000000  

par I=0 c=4 Ipulse=0 Ihold=-12
par gleak=6.8 eleak=-55

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