Calcium dynamics depend on dendritic diameters (Anwar et al. 2014)

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"... in dendrites there is a strong contribution of morphology because the peak calcium levels are strongly determined by the surface to volume ratio (SVR) of each branch, which is inversely related to branch diameter. In this study we explore the predicted variance of dendritic calcium concentrations due to local changes in dendrite diameter and how this is affected by the modeling approach used. We investigate this in a model of dendritic calcium spiking in different reconstructions of cerebellar Purkinje cells and in morphological analysis of neocortical and hippocampal pyramidal neurons. ..."
1 . Anwar H, Roome CJ, Nedelescu H, Chen W, Kuhn B, De Schutter E (2014) Dendritic diameters affect the spatial variability of intracellular calcium dynamics in computer models. Front Cell Neurosci 8:168 [PubMed]
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Model Type: Dendrite;
Brain Region(s)/Organism: Cerebellum;
Cell Type(s): Cerebellum Purkinje GABA cell;
Channel(s): I K,Ca; I Calcium; Ca pump;
Gap Junctions:
Gene(s): Cav3.1 CACNA1G; Cav2.1 CACNA1A;
Simulation Environment: NEURON; STEPS;
Model Concept(s): Active Dendrites; Detailed Neuronal Models; Calcium dynamics;
Implementer(s): Anwar, Haroon [haroon.anwar at];
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