Models of visual topographic map alignment in the Superior Colliculus (Tikidji-Hamburyan et al 2016)

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We develop two novel computational models of visual map alignment in the SC that incorporate distinct activity-dependent components. First, a Correlational Model assumes that V1 inputs achieve alignment with established retinal inputs through simple correlative firing mechanisms. A second Integrational Model assumes that V1 inputs contribute to the firing of SC neurons during alignment. Both models accurately replicate in vivo findings in wild type, transgenic and combination mutant mouse models, suggesting either activity-dependent mechanism is plausible.
1 . Tikidji-Hamburyan RA, El-Ghazawi TA, Triplett JW (2016) Novel Models of Visual Topographic Map Alignment in the Superior Colliculus. PLoS Comput Biol 12:e1005315 [PubMed]
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Model Type:
Brain Region(s)/Organism: Superior colliculus;
Cell Type(s):
Gap Junctions:
Simulation Environment: Cython; Python;
Model Concept(s): Connectivity matrix; Development; Vision;
Implementer(s): Tikidji-Hamburyan, Ruben [ruben.tikidji.hamburyan at] ;
#! /bin/bash

#setup bigger number of step Nstep for better convergence.
#This parameter is 15000 for any simulation in the paper.
#For NSTEP=15000 each simulation takes ~ 1 day
[ -z "$NSTEP" ] && NSTEP=2000

#Setup INICATOR=True if you want see progress report.
[ -z "$INDICATOR" ] && INDICATOR=False

if [[ "$NSTEP" != '0' ]]; then
	[ -d 'local' ] || mkdir local
	python install --install-lib=local ||{ echo "Cannot compile EnergyChaser module"; exit 1; }
	pushd local

	#Random model ID for all runs
	[ -z "$MODELID" ] && MODELID=`python -c 'import time; from numpy import random as rnd; print time.strftime("%Y%m%d%H%M%S") + "-%03d"%rnd.randint(1000)'`
	#Correlational Model WT
	python /Model=1 /Gca=20.                          /Knocked=False /Apr=450 /ModelID=\"$MODELID"-CM-WT"\"   /Graphs=False /Log=False /RunDB=\"$MODELID"-CM-WT.csv"\"   /Report=False /StopRec=True /Nstep=$NSTEP /Indicator=$INDICATOR &

	#Correlational Model KI/KI
	python /Model=1 /Gca=20.     /Sca=1.              /Knocked=True  /Apr=450 /ModelID=\"$MODELID"-CM-KI"\"   /Graphs=False /Log=False /RunDB=\"$MODELID"-CM-KI.csv"\"   /Report=False /StopRec=True /Nstep=$NSTEP /Indicator=$INDICATOR &

	#Correlational Model KI/KI / B2-/-
	python /Model=1 /Gca=20./2.3 /Sca=4. /Bca=Bca*2.1 /Knocked=True  /Apr=450 /ModelID=\"$MODELID"-CM-KIB2"\" /Graphs=False /Log=False /RunDB=\"$MODELID"-CM-KIB2.csv"\" /Report=False /StopRec=True /Nstep=$NSTEP /Indicator=$INDICATOR &


	#Integrational Model WT
	python /Model=3 /Vca=15 /Rca=3. /Gca=20.                         /Knocked=False /Apr=450 /ModelID=\"$MODELID"-IM-WT"\"   /Graphs=False /Log=False /RunDB=\"$MODELID"-IM-WT.csv"\"   /Report=False /StopRec=True /Nstep=$NSTEP /Indicator=$INDICATOR &

	#Integrational Model KI/KI
	python /Model=3 /Vca=15 /Rca=3. /Gca=20.     /Sca=1.             /Knocked=True  /Apr=450 /ModelID=\"$MODELID"-IM-KI"\"   /Graphs=False /Log=False /RunDB=\"$MODELID"-IM-KI.csv"\"   /Report=False /StopRec=True /Nstep=$NSTEP /Indicator=$INDICATOR &

	#Integrational Model KI/KI / B2-/-
	python /Model=3 /Vca=15 /Rca=3. /Gca=20./2.3 /Sca=4. /Bca=Bca*2.1 /Knocked=True  /Apr=450 /ModelID=\"$MODELID"-IM-KIB2"\" /Graphs=False /Log=False /RunDB=\"$MODELID"-IM-KIB2.csv"\" /Report=False /StopRec=True /Nstep=$NSTEP /Indicator=$INDICATOR &

	cat $MODELID"-CM-WT-rec.db" $MODELID"-CM-KI-rec.db" $MODELID"-CM-KIB2-rec.db" $MODELID"-IM-WT-rec.db" $MODELID"-IM-KI-rec.db" $MODELID"-IM-KIB2-rec.db" >$MODELID"-tot.db" &&\
	gzip -9 $MODELID"-tot.db" &&\
	rm $MODELID"-CM-WT-rec.db" $MODELID"-CM-KI-rec.db" $MODELID"-CM-KIB2-rec.db" $MODELID"-IM-WT-rec.db" $MODELID"-IM-KI-rec.db" $MODELID"-IM-KIB2-rec.db"  &&\
	cat $MODELID"-CM-WT.csv" $MODELID"-CM-KI.csv" $MODELID"-CM-KIB2.csv" $MODELID"-IM-WT.csv" $MODELID"-IM-KI.csv" $MODELID"-IM-KIB2.csv" >$MODELID"-tot.csv" &&\
	rm $MODELID"-CM-WT.csv" $MODELID"-CM-KI.csv" $MODELID"-CM-KIB2.csv" $MODELID"-IM-WT.csv" $MODELID"-IM-KI.csv" $MODELID"-IM-KIB2.csv" &&\
	python ../        $MODELID"-tot.db.gz" /Nraaw=3 /R=4 & python ../ $MODELID"-tot.db.gz" /Nraw=3  /Sml=20 &&\
	[ -z "$MODELID" ] && MODELID="20160910104211-402"
	python        $MODELID"-tot.db.gz"  /Nraaw=3 /R=4 & python $MODELID"-tot.db.gz"  /Nraw=3  /Sml=20

echo 'done'

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