Accelerating with FlyBrainLab discovery of the functional logic of Drosophila brain (Lazar et al 21)

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In recent years, a wealth of Drosophila neuroscience data have become available including cell type and connectome/synaptome datasets for both the larva and adult fly. To facilitate integration across data modalities and to accelerate the understanding of the functional logic of the fruit fly brain, we have developed FlyBrainLab, a unique open-source computing platform that integrates 3D exploration and visualization of diverse datasets with interactive exploration of the functional logic of modeled executable brain circuits. FlyBrainLab’s User Interface, Utilities Libraries and Circuit Libraries bring together neuroanatomical, neurogenetic and electrophysiological datasets with computational models of different researchers for validation and comparison within the same platform. Seeking to transcend the limitations of the connectome/synaptome, FlyBrainLab also provides libraries for molecular transduction arising in sensory coding in vision/olfaction. Together with sensory neuron activity data, these libraries serve as entry points for the exploration, analysis, comparison, and evaluation of circuit functions of the fruit fly brain.
1 . Lazar AA, Liu T, Turkcan MK, Zhou Y (2021) Accelerating with FlyBrainLab the discovery of the functional logic of the Drosophila brain in the connectomic and synaptomic era eLife [PubMed]
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Brain Region(s)/Organism: Drosophila;
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Model Concept(s): Methods;
Implementer(s): Lazar, Aurel A.; Liu, Tinghai; Turkcan, Mehmet Kerem; Zhou, Yiyin;
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