Hippocampus CA1 pyramidal cell

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Neuron Type: principal
Organism: Vertebrates
Neuronal Pathways (realistic): Hippocampal tri-synaptic pathway 
Neuronal Pathways (canonical): Hippocampal tri-synaptic pathway 
Microcircuit: Hippocampal Microcircuit
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ElectroPhysiology: NeuroElectro.org
Pharmacology: IUPHAR
Reconstructions NeuroMorpho.Org
Genes: Allen Brain Atlas - v1s
Genes: Human Brain Transcriptome
NeuroLex: Neurolex.org
 1.Distal apical dendrite  
 2.Middle apical dendrite  
 3.Proximal apical dendrite  
 4.Distal oblique dendrite  
 5.Middle oblique dendrite  
 6.Distal basal dendrite  
 7.Middle basal dendrite  
 8.Proximal basal dendrite  
 11.Axon hillock  
 12.Axon fiber  
 13.Axon terminal  

Key: Region: D, dendrite; S, soma (cell body); AH, axon hillock-initial segment of the axon; A, axon; T, axon terminal. Type of dendrite: e, equivalent cylinder (for single dendrites and multipolar trees); a, apical; b, basal; o, oblique. Level of dendrite: (p) proximal, (m) middle, and (d) distal with respect to the cell body. For further explanations, see canonical representations.

Graphic from: cell 91662 in NeuroMorpho.org.

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