Membrane Channels: Inventory of genes and gene products

This page gives a complete overview of the main types of membrane channels that have been identified in excitable membranes. The list of membrane currents for NeuronDB is a subset of this inventory. The inventory is based on Hille (2001). The inventory is in terms of genes and gene products.

Na channels       Ca channels       K channels and related channels      

Gene family of Na channels     Biophysical properties
  Channel nameHuman gene name Human chromosome
                Nav1.1   SCN1A   2q24  
  Nav1.2   SCN2A   2q23-24  
  Nav1.3   SCN3A   2q24  
  Nav1.4   SCN4A   17q23-25  
  Nav1.5   SCN5A   3p21  
  Nav1.6   SCN8A   12q13  
  Nav1.7   SCN9A   2q24  
  Nav1.8   SCN10A   3p22-24  
  Nav1.9   SCN11A   3p21-24  
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Gene family of Ca channels
  Channel name   Human gene name  Human chromosome  
HVA  L   Cav1.1   CACNA1S   1q31-32  
Cav1.2   CACNA1C   12p13.33  
Cav1.3   CACNA1D   3p14.3  
Cav1.4   CACNA1F   Xp11.23  
P/Q  Cav2.1   CACNA1A   19p13  
Cav2.2   CACNA1B   9q34  
Cav2.3   CACNA1E   1q25-31  
LVA     T   Cav3.1   CACNA1G  17q22  
Cav3.2   CACNA1H   16p13.2 
Cav3.3   CACNA1I   22q12  
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Gene family of K and related channels     Biophysical properties
  Subfamily   Human gene prefix  Phenotype   Biophysical feature  
6TM  NCN1   HCN   Hyperpolarization-activated   Nonselective cation channels  
CNG1   CNG   Cyclic nucleotide-gated  
eag   KCNH   Voltage-gated
ether a-go-go  
akt1     Plant inward rectifiers    
pak1     Paramecium    
mslo   KCNM   Large conductance (BK)
SK1   KCNN   Small and intermdiate
conductance calcium-activated  
Kv1.1   KCNA   Voltage-gated shakers  Delayed-rectifiers and A-type  
Kv2.1   KCNB   Voltage-gated shabs 
Kv3.1   KCNC   Voltage-gated shaws 
Kv4.1   KCND   Voltage-gated shals 
Kv5.1     Voltage-gated outlier 
Kv6.1      Modifiers/silencers 
Kv7.1=KCNQ1  KCNQX=Kv7.X Voltage-gated KCNQs  Slow delayed-rectifiers (M-Current is a heteromeric assembly of KCNQ2 and KCNQ3 subunits)  
Kv8.1      Modifiers/silencers  Delayed-rectifiers  
Kv9.1   KCNS    Modifiers/silencers 
2TM  Kir4.1  KCNH   Inward rectifiers   Classical inward rectifiers  
Kir6.1  ATP-sensitive  
Kir3.1  G-protein-coupled  
4TM  TWIK  KCNK   2-P-domain K leaks    
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Hille, B. (2001) Ion Channels of Excitable Membrane (3rd Edition). Sunderland, Mass. Sinauer Associates, Inc.

K channels from the cardiovascular cell physiology group at Philipps-University Marburg