1. Palecek JI, Abdrachmanova G, Vlachov√° V and Vyklick L. (1999) Properties of NMDA receptors in rat spinal cord motoneurons. Eur J Neurosci 11:827-36.

Spinal cord lumbar motor neuron alpha ACh cellSomaNMDAIa afferents release GLUGlu from Ia axon terminals (reviewed in (Pinco M and Lev-Tov A, 1993 [rat]2 ). Single-fiber Ia EPSPs have widely varying shapes (KUNO M, 19643 ). (Burke RE, 19674 ). (Jack JJ et al, 19715 ). (Mendell LM and Henneman E, 19716 ). indicating that Ia synapses are distributed widely over soma-dendrites (confirmed by HRP labelling of Ia afferents on labelled motoneurones: reviewed in (Burke RE and Glenn LL, 1996 [cat]7 ). SOBiv p88). Glutamate is released from Ia terminals Ia synapses are immunoreactive for GLU (Maxwell DJ et al, 1990 [cat]8 ). Ia EPSPs are mediated largely by AMPA receptors (muscle afferents: (Jahr CE and Yoshioka K, 1986 [rat]9 ). single fiber EPSPs: (Walmsley B and Bolton PS, 1994 [cat]10 ). by contrast, (Pinco M and Lev-Tov A, 1993 [rat]2 ). found an NMDA component in neonatal rat. Short-term post-tetanic potentiation (PTP) and depression (PTD) occur (CURTIS DR and ECCLES JC, 196011 ). but not LTP or LTD (SOBiv p90).Postnatal development and properties of these receptors were studied with whole-cell and outside-out patch-clamp. The conductance and relative distribution were independent of age from postnatal day 4 to 14. The results also suggested that their properties differ from those in spinal cord interneurons (Palecek JI et al, 1999 [rat]1 ).

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