Convert NEURON vectors to sine wave "wav" audio files

At the suggestion of Ann Stuart and John Moore a matlab translation program was written which converts vectors written from NEURON to "wav" audio files.
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Tool Type: File manipulation; Utility;
Simulation Environment: MATLAB;
This matlab program converts NEURON vector files into a sine wav
audio file whose frequency represents the value of the NEURON
vector at a particular time in each.  Time is expanded in the 
audio file so that details occurring at the millisecond level
can be heard.  Typical values of input parameters are
100 min freq
1500 max freq
900 time expansion

This program was created with the inspiration of Ann Stuart and John Moore.
(John W. Moore, Emeritus, Duke University, and Ann E. Stuart, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Have fun!
-Tom Morse
PS updated to include program for fixed conversions (for NEURON vectors
without spikes for example) 2007-01-22.