SimTracker - Parallel NEURON network model simulation management & analysis

The SimTracker tool streamlines the entire modeling process, from code writing/versioning and simulation design to execution of simulations on a variety of machines (local, remote supercomputer, NSG) to organization and analysis of simulation results. It also provides tools to: - characterize model components (cells, synapses, ion channels) in experimentalist-friendly ways - read in experimental data and fit model components using that data (in conjunction with NEURON's Multiple Run Fitter) - Explore the parameter space of the model - Share model specifications and results online in an interactive manner, as an alternative to placing all the figures/tables into a supplemental PDF for a publication, although LaTeX code for a PDF can also be generated.
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Tool Type: Tutorial; Control Simulations; Analysis; Graphics; File manipulation; Statistics; Neuroscience;
Simulation Environment: NEURON (web link to model); MATLAB (web link to model);
SimTracker has documentation here:
SimTracker tool and code template to design, manage and analyze neural 
network model simulations in parallel NEURON
Marianne Bezaire, Ivan Raikov, Kelly Burk, Caren Armstrong, Ivan Soltesz
bioRxiv 081927; doi:
and is available for download for multiple platforms and with more documentation at