Tools that contain the Simulator Tool Topic : Vector extensions

(These utilities operate on vectors.)
1. Cross Correlation Tool This GUI tool wraps the Vector.correl function$Since Vector.correl is implemented using the fast fourier transform this tool interpolates the vectors in the domain tbegin to tend onto a grid with number of points equal to a power of 2. To do this an "actual dt" is selected which is near the "nominal dt" grid spacing and satisfies (tend-tbegin)/"actual dt" = 2^n where n is an integer.
2. NQS NQS is a databasing program with a query command modeled loosely on the SQL select command. <p> Please see the manual NQS.pdf for details of use.<P> An NQS database must be populated with data to be used. You may wish to download (model fingerprint) which provides an example of NQS use. <p>