Cellular Properties Database (CellPropDB) provides a simple repository for data regarding membrane channels, receptor and neurotransmitters that are expressed in specific types of cells. The database is presently focused on neurons but will eventually include other cell types, such as glia, muscle, and gland cells.

This resource is intended to:
  • Serve as a repository for data on gene products expressed in different brain regions
  • Support research on cellular properties in the nervous system
  • Provide a gateway for inputing data into the cannonical neuron forms in NeuronDB
  • Identify receptors across neuron types to aid in drug development
  • Serve as a first step toward a functional genomics of nerve cells
  • Serve as a teaching aid
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This pilot is being developed by Luis N. Marenco2 , Prakash M. Nadkarni2, Perry L. Miller2 and Gordon M. Shepherd1, 1Section of Neurobiology, 2Center for Medical Informatics, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT 06510.