How to Cite SenseLab's Model Database (ModelDB)

When you use ModelDB to provide models from your publications you should include a statement in the text of your paper similar to one of the following examples:

"Source code is available in ModelDB (McDougal et al. 2017) at"

"The ModelDB (McDougal et al. 2017) accession number for the Kv3.1 channel models reported in this paper is 3454."

If you use models from ModelDB, or information derived from those models, you should cite both ModelDB and the paper(s) that described the models. These papers appear under "reference(s):" in the model description page (ShowModel). Here is an example:

(after citing the papers that the models came from) ... "These network models used in the present study were obtained from ModelDB (accession numbers 76883, 83514, and 83562)."

To cite ModelDB, we suggest the following recent paper:

McDougal RA, Morse TM, Carnevale T, Marenco L, Wang R, Migliore M, Miller PL, Shepherd GM, Hines ML.
Twenty years of ModelDB and beyond: building essential modeling tools for the future of neuroscience.
J Comput Neurosci. 2017; 42(1):1-10.

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