Models that contain the Region : Spinal motoneuron

(These CNS neurons project into peripheral muscles in the limbs, torso, abdomin, or ganglion neurons which then project onto visceral neurons.)
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1.  A model of closed-loop motor unit including muscle spindle feedback (Kim, 2020)
2.  A sensorimotor-spinal cord model (Hoshino et al. 2022)
3.  A simulation method for the firing sequences of motor units (Jiang et al 2006)
4.  Axon-somatic back-propagation in a detailed model of cat spinal motoneuron (Balbi et al, 2015)
5.  Motoneuron model of self-sustained firing after spinal cord injury (Kurian et al. 2011)
6.  Muscle spindle feedback circuit (Moraud et al, 2016)
7.  Neuromusculoskeletal modeling with neural and finite element models (Volk et al, 2021)
8.  Regulation of motoneuron excitability by KCNQ/Kv7 modulators (Lombardo & Harrington 2016)

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