Models that contain the Region : Aplysia

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1.  A network model of tail withdrawal in Aplysia (White et al 1993)
2.  Burst induced synaptic plasticity in Apysia sensorimotor neurons (Phares et al 2003)
3.  Computational Model of a Central Pattern Generator (Cataldo et al 2006)
4.  Computational model of the distributed representation of operant reward memory (Costa et al. 2020)
5.  Currents contributing to decision making in neurons B31-B32 of Aplysia (Hurwitz et al. 2008)
6.  Homosynaptic plasticity in the tail withdrawal circuit (TWC) of Aplysia (Baxter and Byrne 2006)
7.  Interactions among kinase cascades underlying LTP in Aplysia sensory neurons (Zhang et al 2021)
8.  Multifunctional control of feeding in Aplysia (Webster-Wood et al. 2020)
9.  Rescue of plasticity by a computationally predicted protocol (Liu et al. 2013)
10.  SN-MN neurons of Aplysia (Zhou et al. 2014)

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