Models that contain the Region : Leech

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1.  Competition for AP initiation sites in a circuit controlling simple learning (Cruz et al. 2007)
2.  Electrically-coupled Retzius neurons (Vazquez et al. 2009)
3.  Half-center oscillator database of leech heart interneuron model (Doloc-Mihu & Calabrese 2011)
4.  Leech Heart (HE) Motor Neuron conductances contributions to NN activity (Lamb & Calabrese 2013)
5.  Leech Heart Interneuron model (Sharma et al 2020)
6.  Leech heart interneuron network model (Hill et al 2001, 2002)
7.  Reduced leech heart interneuron (Channell et al. 2009)
8.  S cell network (Moss et al 2005)
9.  Synaptic strengths are critical in creating the proper output phasing in a CPG (Gunay et al 2019)
10.  Systems-level modeling of neuronal circuits for leech swimming (Zheng et al. 2007)

Re-display model names with descriptions